Mourinho rate Ronaldo over messi

🇵🇹 #José _ Mourinho ” I don’t know anyone who tells me that Cristiano Ronaldo doesn’t know how to play football, at 18 Cristiano was pure talent, he was a boy who just wanted to have fun with the ball in his feet, he dribbled all, even the referee himself!
But Ronaldo realized he needed to mature
Doesn’t mean he lost the Talent…
just got older
At 21 he saw that with the Dribbles he wouldn’t win gold ball
went on to make a more mature football!
for me Ronaldo is the best player today
I don’t compare him or Messi
Because Ronaldo is such a good player that no matter who his colleagues are, Ronaldo will always shine
it’s like Ronaldo is a 4 x4
And Messi a Ferrari
Who doesn’t know by car will say that Ferrari is better
More who knows that 4 x4 is much better
puts the Ferrari running against the 4 x4 on a formula1 track.
Ferrari will win
plus the 4 x4 will finish the race
Now put the Ferrari running on a road full of sand, or a full of stones, or a full of snow!
Ferrari won’t even leave the place
What I’m saying is that Messi plays only in a style of play
The style that Barcelona has trained him since he was 11
Ronaldo is able to play in any style of play
That’s why Ronaldo is Ronaldo wherever he plays
Messi stop being Messi when he takes off Barcelona shirt!
To respect everything Ronaldo has done
regardless of the sweater you have on
Ronaldo is Ronaldo with 18 or 34
Ronaldo is Ronaldo with real madrid or juventus
Ronaldo is Ronaldo in the swallow or in the selection

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