The irony of life

The Irony of life!
So suddenly:

New York
‘the city that never sleeps’
is now asleep,
all quiet.

Paris the
‘center of romance’
lives in echos.

‘the eternal city’
is deserted.

Disney is out of magic.

London is caged in silence,
the Queen speaks to her people from a hidden room.

Mecca is empty!
Nobody to
‘stone the devil’.

The Chinese wall is no longer a fortress.

The G8 nations are speechless.

The developed World suddenly on its knees.

Great Parks,
Stadiums are filled with unfilled spaces.

Our Miracle
Pastors suddenly
Become so silent
That they dare not
Visit Hospitals
For healing.

The anointing oils
Are no longer effective.
Holy water becomes
Ordinary water.

Our pastors that
On body guards
Now depend on
God Almighty alone.

The busiest places at present were hitherto the most dreaded:
Hospitals and

The famous Football Leagues,
the Fashion Shows,
Exotic Weddings,
Festivals all lost to memory.

Celebrities have run out of celebrations.
Our titles,
Status and
Privileged Positions are stale.

With all our boastful
we cannot step out of our houses.
With all our savings in gold and cash,
we can only buy food to eat and toilet papers to take care of the waste.

We usually went to watch animals in cages,
now animals roam our empty streets,
watching us in our ‘cages’.

With our expensive clothes and shoes,
our house clothes and pyjamas are the latest fashion.

AND despite all these ‘oddities’…
the World still goes on;
the sun still shines;
the birds still sing.

When this long night finally gets over and a new day sets in,
let us not forget the lesson of the long night –
that the only essential is LIFE, the rest are but dispensable prefixes and suffixes –


By Obaino style blog

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