Joke of the week

*25 Funny And Hilarious Comedy*
Where will I start now? Should I begin with the jokes or should I serve the food first, as in the way that bros take yawn now na hunger be that o.. Anyways I welcome you all to this wonderful week.

As we wait to regain our freedom to waka wherever and whenever. Let me first ensure you have enough dose of laughs

So let’s go there!

1. A classmate lost her mom, then we contributed money for one guy to deliver on our behalf, this guy made away with the money and told us if his mommy dies we should not pay anything

2. I want to have sweet dreams, so I sprinkled sugar on my bed….. please what else should I add?

3. Boys Fight, 5 Minutes later they’re good.

Girls Fight, 2 Years later they are still not talking to each other.

4. She: you said I was the sugar in your tea, who is PEACE & Chidimma?

Me: They are the milk and Milo

5.Some ladies are lonely and single because when their heart said yes to a man their friends said babe this guy is below ur standard. I talk lie?

6. Dating your classmate is not a problem… the problem starts when the teacher announces the maths results

7. All of una weh wan go back to school, if dem do “social distancing” for exam Hall “UNA GO FIT COPE”?

8. it’s like someone has stolen the ozone layer covering the sun in Nigeria? it is too hot here

9. When you don’t have Data you think of all the things you can Google, but once you get Data your brain becomes blank

10. No need for Big Brother Naija this year, We are all house mates already. If they evict you, na Isolation Centre Straight.

11. A five minute enjoyment can make you go broke forever or for many years.. So niggas, be wise, and careful while handling it o.

12. In African Banks, when someone tells you “Please help me with your pen”, Believe me, that’s the last time you will See the Pen.

If you experience, you know.

13. Before you draw up that long list of what you want in a man, make a list of what you will offer as a woman too.

14. Girls who don’t know how to cook are the ones who mostly complain when they go and buy food outside

15. Dear MTN.. one more “Stay Safe” Message and I’ll block you. If you send me data to stay at home, will you die?

16. To some married ladies here.. Please, avoid tying wrappers around while at home.. Your husband didn’t marry a cultural dancer

Try to always look s3xy and attractive to your husband

17. Boss Lady is a Lady who is physically, financially and spiritually sound not one Olosho with chain on her leg

18. The first church service after this Coronavirus lockdown will be hotter than 31st night

19. Those who have been saying “2020 is my year”, talk to your year please, cos it’s misbehaving

20. Stay at home is not a licence for you to increase the population of this country; maintain at least 2 metre distance from your spouse.

21. First time that China gave the world something that is Original

22. As you did not make Easter hair and nails did you die? una go just dey put man pikin under unnecessary pressure sha.

23. Whenever it’s my turn to cook, they buy bread. I don’t know why

24. If you and your wife, combine your O’level Results and still you can’t get 5 Credits, Pls don’t have Kids; teachers are suffering!

25. The person I used as my Next of Kin, saw my account balance and asked me to remove his name from that rubbish.

Remember that happiness is best when you share it with the people you care about.

Have a nice day pals.

Stay Safe

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