This act called ”SEX”

This act called “SEX” (Ladies corner).

So many women has attached great importance to the word “Sex”. Especially when it is for the wrong motives.

This is why most women would think that they had done so much for you after spreading their legs.

Do you know that, sex is the most cheapest commodity you can offer a man?.

Do you also know that, Sex is a valuable asset a woman can give to her husband?.

Now, read the 4th and 5th paragraph again to note the difference clearly.

Aside from this word “Sex”, most women are just empty.

Friends, have you imagined a world without Sex. I wonder how most women would survive.

What is the essence of your beauty when you lack common sense. It is just a beautiful nonsense.

85% of us (women) today will always indicate their breast, back side, or private part as their selling point. Only few can boost of her certificate, impacts, or standards in the sphere of life.

Prostitution is not when you stand on the road waiting for men.

Aunty, the worst prostitution is when you are servicing those uncles for money. All in the name of “Courtship”.

Yes, money is good. But, if you make it a priority in a relationship, then a Job is what you need to be paid for your time.

Do you know that, it is very easy to get a boo who owns a car. But, almost impossible to marry a man who owns a car?. Lolz

It is just like graduating from a world of fantasies to a world of realities. Ponder on this!

Why do you depend so much on your endowments from God as a bait for making money?.

Have you even taught about the circumstances?.

How long do you want to hide the truth from yourself and choose to become a victim?.

Don’t you think that you deserve the best?.

Or, do you wish to come to SHILOH 2020 crying for a life partner?.

Today is another opportunity to take a positive decision about your life. And, strive to become that woman her husband and the society will be proud of tomorrow.

Take up this challenge today and become a better version of yourself.

Marital vows should be the certificate for this “Act”.

Think again before you do.
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