*Salary*, _is a specific amount of money that an employee is paid for work done._

The big question is Which type do you earn?
1. *Onion Salary:* – You grab it, you open it, and you cry.

2. *Storm Salary:* – You don’t know when it’s coming or going.

3. *Menstrual Salary:* – It comes once a month and lasts only three to four days.

4. *Magic Salary:* – You touch it and it disappears.

5. *Amnesia Salary:* – You can’t remember what you spent it on.

6. *Time Travelling Salary:* – You spend it paying various debts even before you collect it.

7. *Active Salary* – Once you stop working, it stops.

But there is another one called *RESIDUAL INCOME*
What is Residual Income?

*You work once, and it keeps paying you over and over and over again even AFTER you have stopped working.*

Whether it’s magic salary, amnesia salary or onion salary, the moment it STOPS coming, your life becomes unbearable.

*Financial LITERACY is the tool needed to TRANSFORM your salary into a RESIDUAL INCOME, so that you can create financial freedom and time freedom.*

*ONLY YOUR INVESTMENT can keep you going after all the different types of your salaries have dried up.*

Research has it that, next to beggars, the poorest group of people in the world are Salary
earners. They live in a vicious cycle of poverty managed on 30 days. Salary is continuously being anxiously awaited for every month and any slight delay brings about heartbreaking anxiety, pressure and disappointment.

*Salary Is a short term solution to a life time problem.*

Salary alone cannot solve your financial problems. You need multiple sources of income to balance.

The income tax returns form contains about 11 income streams, in which salary is just one of the many. Don’t live Your Life fishing with just one hook, there are many fishes in the ocean.

*Salary Is the value someone has put on your effort, How much do you value yourself?*

You can’t increase in value, unless you VALUE yourself differently.
Life Is a trade off between time, effort and reward. To be rewarded more, you have to become more valuable.

Most salary earners end up poor in the long and short term.

*Salary is the bribe the employer gives you to forget your dreams*

Am not saying you shouldn’t earn a salary, but at least, have a plan B👌🏿

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