I watched the madness exhibited by the Arondizuogu community represented by their chief priest against the person of Chukwkuemeka Odumeje over what they considered as a reckless statement he made against the community and one of their own illustrious son known as Perikoma. Perikoma was a famous juju show man who was well known of displaying some black magical powers. His encounter with Onitsha tax collector was a popular event that trilled the whole of the South East.

No matter the arrogance and provocation from the Lion himself, invoking a thousand deities to kill him and his family was not only unfortunate, but childish and unnecessary. Imagine all the energy and show of shame in the 21st century to kill a follow brother from the same state just because of what they considered as an insult.

The babaric display by the chief priest was uncalled for and I have kept asking if we could ever live together as a tribe with one love, understanding, tolerance and the ability to forgive and let go. The chief priest exhibited a pure abuse of his office. I know that nothing will happen to Odumeje because the spiritual realm operates by principles. This is not holding brief for the liquid metal, but it will be ignorant for anyone to think that Odumeje is not a spiritual person. Whether his powers are fake or real is a discussion for another day. it’s just youthful exoberance. All Odumeje need is a little bit of training, brushing up and packaging with the right mentorship and one day he “may” be celebrated in Nigeria and make the Igbo people proud.

Prophet TB Joshua that the world celebrates today was not as packaged as the Synagogue of today. There was no Emmanuel TV. Apart from not speaking good english, there were no clear cut vision and direction for the ministry. But something happened through training and personal effort that no sane mind can deny the amazing transformation in all ramifications. Now, the man in the synagogue has become a global figure. it was reported few years ago that Nigeria economy will lose billions if the Nigerian government allow TB Joshua relocate outside Nigeria. You can Google it. We should stop judging people based on appearance. Everyone of us is an ongoing project.

I think people should let Odumeje be.

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