Harry Redknapp recalls how he met a terminally ill fan who dreamed of meeting the Liverpool squad, and so he called Michael Edwards who set up the whole thing.

“I’d met a guy who had only a few weeks to live.”

“This poor guy was in his early 40s. He had been married only a couple of years and he knew he was dying.

“Someone had got in touch and said, ‘Harry, he’d love to meet you. He’s football mad.’ So I went round to his house one Sunday and spent a couple of hours with him, his wife and his in-laws.

“He was an amazing boy, so strong, and he told me it was his dream to go to Liverpool.

“I rang Michael Edwards and, straight away, he went, ‘Harry, not a problem’. I arranged a car, I got a driver. Eddie [Edwards] sorted everything else.

“There wasn’t any of the, ‘Oh, Harry, I’m sorry, mate, you know how busy I am’, that you can get sometimes.

“He put himself out, he organised the full day and treated him incredibly.

“We have to remember we are in a position where we can make a difference to people’s lives.

“Sadly, this guy died four or five weeks later. Eddie had got him into the directors’ box, introduced him to everybody — Kenny Dalglish, Jurgen Klopp — the boy had the best day of his life. Loved every minute of it.”

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