Sexual immorality is on the increase all over the world. Adultery is fast becoming the norm and men of God are also joining the club. Married men and women are not left out, many are having secret lovers and emotional affairs are becoming the order of the day.
The rate at which immorality is increasing is alarming! It is spreading fast into every nook and cranny and children are also being initiated into the club. It’s no news that 8-10 years old kids now have sex with each other. Staying sexually pure these days is becoming a Herculean task.
One of the reasons people fall flat into illicit sex is over confidence. The wrong belief that you can be free around the opposite sex and nothing would happen is a big lie from the pit of hell, meant to deceive people.
A lot will happen! One of the ways you can stay sexually pure whether married or single these end time is to set # strict
# boundaries . If you are too careless around the opposite sex, you will fall flat on your face! That is the truth. The earlier you believe this and work on it, the better. You can’t be careless around the opposite sex and hope to stay sexually pure, set boundaries!
There are some people who can’t be your friends, it’s okay to raise the standard. Any body can call you names, that’s their headache, you have your destiny to protect. As a rule, I don’t make friends with liars, gossips and jealous people. They make life so complicated. If you believe in illicit sex, we can’t be friends, period!
Monitor your chats. Don’t allow anybody send you flirty messages, no matter how innocent it sounds, warn them and if they refuse to stop, block them!
Limit the hugs and touches, especially with the opposite sex. If your hugging anointing is only for me, I want none of it.
Don’t allow anybody call you pet names (except your close family members and close same sex friends maybe

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