I was at my family house for the Christmas festivities, which was the only time I literally saw my parents and relatives, it was always a beautiful Reunion.
As a marriage counsellor God was helping, my travelling itinerary for the year was always filled, ministering from one Women’s program to the other, From one marriage seminar to the other, and my message was simple…”No matter how terrible your marriage could be, it was WORKABLE….” but my encounter with Isoken and her husband got me thinking if this was true!
A beautiful lady walked up to me at the Family Reunion, she looked a bit familiar but I couldn’t place the face. She greeted me like a well cultured lady, and I replied her, asking about her sister as she looked like one of my old friends. I obviously was mixing her up with someone else. She called my attention to that, and told me her real identity, she was one of those “extended extended” younger cousins of mine…I noticed she had a sparkling wedding ring on. I made a compliment about that, but her smile was not impressive enough, but I couldn’t help but admire her dimples.
“I wish I had one of those dimples” I said, trying to make her smile…and that she did…Her smile was beautiful, her smile could make anyone who was sad become happy, her smile was like light, I had never seen a smile as pure, interesting and beautiful as her smile, I wish my smile could have that kind of Effect….
“This smile could be a ministry you know” I thought to myself, her smile could give hope to a dying person…Her voice brought me back to reality…
“Thank you ma, you just made me smile for real for the first time in two months”… She said…
“What’s your name again?” I asked wanting to connect with her…
“Isoken”…. Almost immediately, I heard another voice…, but this time a male voice from behind me…
” Isokene, my beautiful wife I call her Isokene to personalize her name, the world can call her Isoken , but I added “E” to customize her name….Ma, do you know the meaning of Isoken, It means “Contented with my destiny”…She is my ISOKEN, I am content having her as my destined wife”
I turned to see who was speaking, it was a lanky dark skinned young man who was an opposite of his wife in terms of complexion and composure…
“Oh, Young man, how are you?” I said with a smile
“I am not a young man, I am an old man in a young body” he said jokingly “Ok, old man, how are you?” I also replied smiling…
” Very fine ma, it is a pleasure meeting you, when Isokene told me you were related, I didn’t believe her, I agreed to come with her to this party, just to see you and ask you for a favor”…
“Ok, what is the favor?” I asked thinking they wanted to invite me to speak at a program
“Before, I ask for the favor, I want you to say a word into our lives”… He knelt down pulling his wife with him
“Isokene will be a great wife to you in Jesus name and you will also be a Super husband to her in Jesus name, You both will always make each other smile in Jesus name ”
“Jesus!” He exclaimed… “You are a real woman of God, How did you know about my wife’s smile, Isokene, did you tell her anything?”
Isoken shook her head in the negative…
“Ma’am please I need you to help me tell Isokene to stop smiling, I only want her to smile for me, when she is outside, she should maintain a straight look”…the husband said
I was shocked to my bones, I was not sure if I was hearing correctly, the young old man continued…
” Because, her smile is really seductive, it was her smile that attracted me to her, her smile can make a man have a hard on…You understand ma, so now that she is married to me and me alone, she should stop smiling in public but reserve the smile only for me in the bedroom”
“Jesus!” was all that came out of my mouth, in all my years of marriage counselling, I had never heard this….He wanted his wife to stop smiling…
Before I go on, please what advice should I have given to give this couple who had just tied the knot two months ago…?
To be continued…..

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