A Man who has always asked me for help called this morning, asking if I was at home.
I said NO (I lied). He asked if he could wait. Again I said No, that he should go, I will call him when am back home.
“I don’t have money today abeg” I murmured to myself after dropping the call.
As I stepped out of the house much later, I was shocked to see him asleep on the bench beside my house waiting for me.

I felt sad with a rush of guilt.
I walked towards him, making up my mind to give him 2k out of the 3k cash I had with me.

He was so happy to see me when I tapped him awake.
“Are you just coming, I didn’t know when i slept off”? He asked and I said yes. I had to lie again! Before I could bring out the 2k, with so much excitement he brought out the sum of FIVE THOUSAND NAIRA (5k) and said to me:
“It is for you. You’ve been so kind to me during this lockdown. I know it’s small for you but just buy anything you want with it. He said confidently.
I was so pleasantly dazed.
God has again transformed another life!.


Many of those we see/treat as ‘beggers’ are probably more generous and much kinder than us the self acclaimed Philanthropists (who else will doze off while waiting to dash out Money).

2) It is not everytime people call that they need your help, they can also call to Bless you when God change their lives…

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