Episode 1
I sat at the car crying helplessly,my
mum had
just been shot dead by some
men,my mum and i were on our
way to her
friends place,she wanted to
reveal a secret
to me.i shaked her lifeless body
hoping she
would respond and come back
to live,my
dearest mum,i picked up my
phone and
dialed my dad’s number,he
picked it almost
Me:daddy mum had just been
Dad:is she dead?
Me:yes dad please come
Dad:what?? Dead ke,okay i am on
way,where are u
Me:at festac on a lonely road
covered with
Dad:what are u saying,is that an
address or
Me:dad please just come please
Dad:anyway i know the place,am
now…call Chidi,from the
family of
mr & mrs Ojo,a wealthy chief,u
might be
wondering why am answering
an igbo
name,it because my mum is an
woman.i was born with a silver
unlike most children,am in my
early 21 while
i have a senior brother yomi who
is 3 years
older than i am and a junior
sister Bisola
who is just 17 years of
age,myself and Bisola
seen more closer to my mom
while Yomi
was my dad’s pet,his photo copy
character,anywhere you see my
dad you
Must see Yomi,i had always
wondered what
business this two has always.
In no time my dad came into
view with
Yemi,i was seating close to
mum’s remain
Dad:Chidi,come lets go,your mum
this upon her self,i warned her to
stay in
doors today…i just sat with my
eyes fixed on
my mum’s corpse
Yomi:com’on chidi
Me:dad why,mum is gone,i can’t
leave her
here…he brought out his phone
from his
side pocket and made some
calls,he finally
called for an ambulance which
came and
took mum’s remain away.Yomi
drove my
late mum’s car home with me
seated at the
front seat with him crying while
dad’s driver
drove after us.
On getting home i met Bisola,she
was back
from school,she saw me crying
and rushed
to me
Bisola:chi,what’s wrong
Me:mum is dead
Bisola:how,where,when,what do
mean,explain please
Me: (confused,not knowing what
to answer first) she was shot by
unknown men
Bisola:nooooo,it cant be,tell me it
a lie…she
fell to the ground wiping,Yomi
just stood
watching us,i could see regrets
writen all
over him.i never expected him to
because he had a stone heart like
my dad.i
heard bisola,trying to console her
in my own
I lied in my bed trying to
remember what
mum was telling me before the
known men
blocked our way and killed her,
Mum:my husband your dad and
his son
yomi are..(she paused and
shaked her head
as tears welled her eyes)
Me:are what mummy,is it about
them always
being together?
Mum:when we get home,remind
my to give
u the disk i kept under my
bed….oh under
mum’s bed,i stood up,ran to
mum’s room
but to my surprise dad has
locked it up,he
met me there trying to open the
Dad:chidi cant u see the door is
Me:sorry dad
Dad:what are you looking for in
your mum’s
Me:i feel she’s there dad (i lied)
Dad:your mum is dad and gone u
wnt ever
see her again,just get over it
okay,am here
for u
Me: okay dad(i made to go but he
called me
Dad:did your mum tell you
anything before
she died?
Dad: (with kneel interest)what
could that be
Me:she said i should take care of
Bisola and
always respect u(another lie.i
cant just tell
my dad my mum said nothing to
me before
she died,he would never believe
Dad:is that all
Me:yes daddy
Dad: okay go to your room and
wonder what was wrong,why
dad and yomi
didnt cry when mum died and
why all the
questions he asked me,they were
and i must fish out my mum’s
To be Continued
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