🧜My mermaid 🧜

♥️♥️Chapter 1♥️♥️

In a well furnished sitting room, Mike lay on the couch pressing his phone when Jenny came and lay on him giving him a quick peck on his lips while Mike chuckled.

Mike and jenny has been dating for the past one year, their love was genuine, they never cheated on each other for once nor fight for once, they are the true definition of love,

Mike is tall in height, yellow in complexion, broad shoulders, brown eyeball, flat Tommy with six packs, not that huge and not that slim, and to top it all, he is cute as in very cute with a lovely voice though he is not a singer, he is 23

Jenny on her own part is a pretty lady with good heart, she is 22 years, and a model, she lives alone with her mom, she never know who her dad was

“Are you done cooking” Mike ask jenny

“Nope but very soon” jenny replied tickling him while Mike smile and kissed her

“Guess what baby” Mike said to jenny

“You know am not good at guessing, so don’t keep me in suspense” jenny said

“Okay, am thinking of taking you to my parent, I think it’s high time we start preparing for our wedding” Mike said then jenny feel excited, she stood up and sat on him

“I will be glad baby, I can’t wait to be your Mrs” jenny said with smile plastered on her face

“So when will I be visiting your mum also” Mike asked

“As soon as I visit your Dad and he accept me” jenny said

“Of course he will, who won’t want an angel as his in-law” Mike said

“I can’t wait……oh the food is getting burn” jenny said and stood up then tush to the kitchen while Mike laughed at her.

Few days later, Mike and jenny were set to go see Mike parent

“So tell me, how do I look” jenny said turning around and shaking her butt

“Damn u look hot, I can’t wait to have you as mine forever” Mike said then hugged her

“Same here baby” jenny replied

“Okay let’s go” Mike said and took his car key, they walk out to where the car was parked and drove to his parent place

Few minutes later they got to the big residence, the gate opened and Mike drove in to the compound, the maids rush to him and bow, then his younger sister Michelle ran to him, jenny stood there amazed at the building, how big it is

“I miss you brother” Michelle said to Mike

“I miss you too baby” Mike said to her then hold jenny

“You look beautiful” Michelle said to jenny

“Thank you” jenny replied blushing, they all walked in into the big sitting room which was well furnished, Daniela Mike’s mum came downstairs and hug Mike with a peck on his cheek

“Oh is this the angel…. you’re welcome baby girl” Mike mother said giving jenny a warm and sweet hug, she sat jenny down while Edward, Mike’s father also walk downstairs holding a magazine

“Son you’re here” Edward said to Mike patting him on his back

“And who is this damsel sitting here” Edward said staring at jenny with smile’s

“She is my fiancee dad” Mike said

“Wow you’re welcome pretty” Edward said to Jenny

“Thank you Dad” jenny said then Michelle came and took jenny to her room, they started gisting and talking, it was Jenny’s happiest day and she feel loved.

They ate drank then Mike and jenny left for home, they got home, kissed and lay on the king size bed, it was really a stressful day

We will going to your place tomorrow” Mike said to Jenny kissing her neck

“No I haven’t inform mum, let make it next week” jenny said

“Your wish is my command babe” Mike said to her while they continue kissing

The next week

Mike was nervous, what if Jenny’s mother did not like her, what if she refuse to let them marry

I’d better kill my self than to leave her, forever is the deal, Mike said to himself, he was done dressing, jenny walked out also fully dressed, as usual they pecked, he took his car key and off to Jenny’s place

They got there and knocked, this Time a make voice answered telling them to come in

“Who was that” jenny said and walk in only to get shocked

“Dad….what are you doing here” Mike asked surprisingly seeing his dad sitting down then Jenny’s mum came out to the sitting room

“Oh my baby you’re welcome” jenny mum said and gave her a warm people on her cheek

“What are you doing here Mike” Edward asked

“I should be asking you that dad, I came here to meet Jenny’s mum” Mike replied

“What…. Edward is he your son” Jenny’s mum asked

“Oh gosh……he is” Edward said

“Jenny is he your boyfriend, I mean your so-called fiance” jenny mum asked her

“Yes mum” jenny replied confusedly

“Edward… doomed” Jenny’s mum said with guilt

“What happen mum” jenny ask

“Jenny….he is your father” she said

“Joking right” jenny said

“He is your father and your fiance is your step brother” her mum said with tears

“Oh no….this isn’t real” jenny said crying while Mike froze there, not knowing what to say or do

“I am sorry I took to long to let you know who he is” her mum said

“Oh….no…..nooooo” she screamed and ran out, Mike ran after her calling her, she ran as far as she could crying bitterly, a car with fast speed drive towards her

“Jennnnnnny” Mike screamed but it was too late, the car hit her and ran away, she fell down in a pool of blood, Mike ran to her and hold her with tears

“Jenny……jenny” he said crying

“I…… Love…… you” jenny said and died

“Nooooooooooo” Mike screamed with tears

How is this new story

I hope you love it
To be continue….

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