🧜My Mermaid 🧜

Chapter 2

Jenny’s body was buried, Mike couldn’t get himself all day, memories of her flash through him, he couldn’t stop crying all day, he brought out every pics they both snapped together, he looked at them and burst into care, he remember the first day they met, how he helped her when her car was faulty and from there they exchange contact.

He was in the sitting room checking his gallery filled with Jenny’s pictures and videos, then his dad walk in

“What else do you want huh… killed her so what” Mike yelled at his dad

“Calm down Mike…. it’s not my fault, I can explain” Edward pleaded

“Explain what… old as you are, I Never believe u have a concubine, after all the love mum shows to you, how could you do this….. now am ruined, am finished, my baby is gone, where should I start from huh” Mike yelled angrily

“Jenny’s mum was my secretary back then….we went for a business trip, something came up and we share a room together, I couldn’t resist her and one thing led to another, ever since then I never saw her, I didn’t even know she was pregnant until some weeks ago when we met, that was when I know she has a baby for me” Edward said

“You couldn’t resist her…… impregnate your secretary… is that how cheap u are that you couldn’t resist your secretary…..I hate you” Mike said with tears

“Am sorry son… sorry” his dad pleaded

“Just go….leave dad” Mike yelled

“I’ll….but please forgive me” Edward said and left, Mike fell down helplessly and cried out, he sat there for some hours, he later stood up and I took his car key and left

I’d rather kill myself than to stay a lone in this world without my jenny” Mike said to himself and drive himself to the beach

💎💎Down the river💎💎

Princess and her friend Selena swam round the river, princess was the daughter of the Goddess of the river, she is the most beautiful mermaid in the river, she is gentle, loving , easy going and this make every one love her in the river

“Selena let swim to the world” Princess said to Selena

“No princess you know it’s a sin, we mermaid are not allow to go to the human world, we would be punished if we’re caught” Selena said to her

“Don’t worry we will never get caught, I just want to know how beautiful their world is…..I heard they are beautiful being and they have a different leg” princess said

“But I also heard the humans are wicked, they hate mermaid, if we get caught by them we will be killed, princess I don’t wanna die” Selena said

“We’re powerful than them so we can’t be killed….. please….just once…. please” princess pleaded

“Okay okay…..but just this once” Selena said

“Yes just once” princess said

“Okay let’s go” Selena said then they swim to the upper world happily.

🧜🧜Princess P.O.V🧜🧜

It’s my first time going to the human world, am really happy, I just wanna see how beautiful they are, I and Selena swam to the human world then hide behind a mountain

“Wow……. it’s beautiful” I exclaimed

“Yes….” Selena replied

“Look at their leg… I wish I have those legs also” I said

“We’re more beautiful than them” Selena said then my sight caught a guy, he was sitting beside the river, with his head bow down, he look sad but he is cute

“Wow…..he is cute” I said

“He….who” Selena asked

“Look over there” I said then the guy raised his head and turn his sight to my direction… heart melt at that point, he is just too cute, have never seen a beautiful creature like this before even in the river

“Don’t tell me you’re falling in love with a human” Selena said

“In love…No…..I was only admiring his cuteness” I lied to Selena

“Princess mother must have been looking for you……let go” Selena said

“I know….few minute please….I just want to see his face again” I said smiling and waving at him but he wasn’t even looking at me

“Princess am scared, let’s go” Selena said to me

“Mother won’t do anything…..I wish I can touch him” I said smiling to myself, I continue staring at him then I saw him stood up and left….oh gosh

“Can we go now” Selena said to me

“Let go” I said, I will have to come everyday to see him…. I said smiling to myself as we swam back to the river

♥️♥️Mike’s P.O.V♥️♥️

At first I thought of jumping into the river, I just wanna leave this world, I miss jenny, her pretty smile, her cuddles…..I missed everything about her, I had a change of mind, stood up and walk back to my car but somehow I felt peace within me even when am disturbed, I got home and lay on my bed…..

I saw Jenny in a white sleeves gown, she looked more pretty, she smiled to me

“Jenny why….why did you leave me” I said to her

“I didn’t leave….am always here with you” she said to me

“But I miss you” I said to her

“Very soon…..I will be back to your side forever….and you will never miss me again……wait for me…..I love you” she said and disappear

“Jenny….jenny” I screamed out and wake up, it was a dream, i was sweating…..she is coming back to me….. forever…..I promise to wait….I will wait….I will jenny…I said crying 😪

🧜🧜Princess P.O.V♥️🧜🧜

I got to the palace and sneaked in to my room, I sat down smiling to myself, I wanna see him again, I think I will have to go again tomorrow…. it’s not bad falling in love with a human…..I don’t mind becoming a human because of him…..I just met an angel….I said to myself and smile.

To be continued…

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