COUPLE GOALS: Legendary Nigerian Footballer Kanu Nwankwo And Wife Celebrates 17th Year Wedding Anniversary;

Kanu Nwankwo aka Papilo and his beautiful wife Amara took to social media to reaffirm their love after 17 years of marriage.

On July 3 2020 ,the couple marked their wedding anniversary with Sweet posts on social media to the joy of fans.

The footballers wife Amara shared pics of herself and husband during the early days of their relationship.The photo she shared looked like something from a Nollywood scene where a big boy was trying to impress the village beauty with his charm and baggy clothes just like in the movies where the lady looked like she was not interested.

Amara Kanu also likened the photo to an old Nollywood movie scene, where she wrote
“He said I have come to marry you.She’s like whaaat why? Pls don’t come near me.17 years on.its been a movie since @kingkanu4 l love you”

Happy Wedding Anniversary The Kanus

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