Some are in jail just for stealing the almighty Blackberry phones (Tour, Javelin, Bold, Storm, Touch, etc). Some are still serving jail terms of 40 years which is yet to expire until next 25 years just for stealing iPad 1, or for stealing a 504 Peugeot car or maybe for forging a 1000 Naira cheque in 1991.

All of the material things I have mentioned above were luxuries for rich people in the time they existed. But today, some are no longer available in the market because they have no value anymore. The world is rocking 2020 electronics, devices, luxury cars such as Bugatti la voiture noire, Lamborghini Urus, Ferrari 458 Italia, luxury houses with swimming pool as large as the olympic size, etc.

Back to Hushpuppi, in 20 years to come he probably might have gained his freedom. That would be around the year 2040. And that child that was born in the day he was arrested would be preparing for university graduation then. Hushpuppi will be back to see that technology has changed the world. The Rolls Royce Cullinan of yesterday may no longer have market value anymore, the Gucci and Louis Vuitton designers of today may no longer be recognized. Just thinking we might be wearing digital cloths then. Lol.

Well, life is beautiful. Spend each moment like it’s parallel (don’t even think about it as zig zag, lol). Do not cross another man’s lane. Hustle and wait patiently to reap the fruit of your labour. Don’t be the reason for the hardship in someone else’s life.

May God help us all and be with Hushpuppi so he could return back to reality to be able to serve his real purpose in life. And if you’re still planning to break his record, it’s a free world.📷

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