1, Let say a big thanks to those that said NO to us, because it is because of them we did it by our selves.

2, Believe me, is better to keep quiet and people think you’re a fool,than for you to open your mouth and they confirm you’re truly a FOOL .

3 , Apart from me who else notice no more mtn free sms

4, Hustle ooooo
So you would not Notice when them collect stamp duty charge.

5, Men who hate wearing facemask are the same men who always refuse to wear condom.

6, Your uncle is paying you N4m per a month after 3yrs you realized that he is using your destiny…. What will you do?

7, You Never Marry ,you Never Born baby ,take This Microphone And Tell Us Why Your “BREAST FALL”

8, Death is not the biggest disaster in life. The biggest disaster in life is, When our fear of JEHOVAH(GOD)dies while we are still alive
I am just a messenger.

9, Stop skipping my post please oooo
That was how we all jumped into 2020 without reading its terms and conditions

10, May your poor family be respected and valued because of you.

11, Do you know it’s because of Doggy style that’s why most girls have dark knees?

Now where is his own part of the money?

13, Marrying or dating someone you can’t gossip with, or joke with, is a real punishment .

14, In Africa after locking your door with a key ,you must forcefully try to open it without a key just to be sure its locked. We don’t trust anything here in Africa.

15, Good day to everyone except those ladies that use special package, attraction oil, favour charm, blue eyes and other orishirish to manipulate other people children. You people are scammers and your Good day is waiting for you inside Bermer.

16, A nigga would spend hours in the gym centre only to build up muscle and stamina like a wrestler . Then a skinny girl will just use one finger push him in the bed and he will fall.

17, Skipping posts on sex talk and forming holy holy won’t bring back your virginity. I hope you know that?

18, If number of sex we are supposed to have in a lifetime is 100, don’t lie o , how many remaining for your side?

19, Hushpuppi A Baby Fraudster, The Daddies Of Fraud Are Presidents, Governors, Lawmakers And Ministers .

20, Be sincere,
Can you fry plantain from beginning to the end without tasting it??

21, You want to marry and you’re dating only one guy..
_My sister, have you seen a person winning a lottery with one number??_

22, Not all marriages started with
Will you marry me
Some started with i am pregnant.

23, A woman who accepts you with your empty pockets deserves the best when your pockets are filled..

24, She drives a car; ASHAWO.
She rents a flat; ASHAWO.

She buys her own land; ASHAWO.

Ignore chats/calls; ASHAWO.

She Choose to be single; ASHAWO.

She buys a house; ASHAWO.

She Goes to a bar/club alone; ASHAWO.

She takes her friends out and picks up the bill; ASHAWO.

She goes to the market; ASHAWO.

Gets a degree; ASHAWO.

Does charity; ASHAWO.

Dresses comfortably; ASHAWO.

Makes up; ASHAWO.

Laughs; ASHAWO.

Breathes; ASHAWO.

Exists; ASHAWO.

Becomes a celebrity; ASHAWO.

She pays for her own trips abroad; ASHAWO.

She sets up her own Business; ASHAWO.

She expresses her opinions; ASHAWO…


Please why is it so difficult and hard to respect women for their hard work?

Why must you look down on successful, hardworking and struggling women as “ASHAWO”?

Must you term every achievement a woman has, as ASHAWO?

Who says a woman can not build a house, company of her own?

We should learn to appreciate our hardworking women and stop tagging everything they achieve as ASHAWO.
God bless every hardworking woman out there.

25, I don’t know why my breast are intching me .what can I do?

26, People Who Get Angry Easily Have A Good Heart,They Love Easily And Get jealous Easily But If They Hate you,They will Hate you With Passion!

27, Nothing hurts more than being at the age of helping our family out but we aren’t financially stable.😭 Worst still when we can’t even help ourself.
May Things Change and Turn around in our Favour✍️

By Obaino style blog

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