Although its not one of my favorite topics but since everyone is talking about it so let’s talk about it. Why everyone at Barcelona mentions Refrees every time Real Madrid goes ahead?

To find the answer you’ve got to understand their psychology. What we see from Barca fans, on social media, its a microcosm of their entire history. They have this inferiority complex which has been building since late 1950s, and it has gotten to a level that they would win 7 out of the last 10 titles and rationalize a Refereeing conspiracy for not winning the rest.

Every type of a Barca fan, from a 14 year old clueless kid to a 50 year old Catalan national, believes that Madrid won all of their titles with Franco’s help. You can ask them how is it possible that Madrid being Franco’s team, and Franco being the despotic dictator ruling the country, Franco takes over in 1940 but Madrid wins its first league title a whole 14 years later in 1953/54, while in those 14 years Barcelona had already won the title more than twice. And what’a coincidence it must be that when Madrid finally wins the title in 1953/54 it was the first season both Alfredo Di Stéfano and Paco Gento joined the capital club. When Franco finally dies in 1975, and democracy returns Madrid wins 9 out of the next 15 titles and Barcelona, a team which was supposedly held back by Franco wins just 1, I mean can any sane person rationalize this theory?

Actually this story is full of coincidences, going back to 1953/54, Madrid wins 4 out of the next 5 titles, until Barca brought Helenio Herrera to Camp Nou, the then best Coach in the world, you can say that he was Mourinho of that era. So ‘Mourinho’ leads Barca to two consecutive titles, until he falls out with the Board and they decide to sack him.

Madrid wins 5 consecutive (60-65) titles, and 9 of the next 14 titles until Barca brought Johan Cruyff to Camp Nou. Barca wins their first title (74) in 14 years, and whole Catalunya celebrates for months. But that would be the only league title Barca won with Cruyff, Madrid starts winning again. Now Barca fans wouldn’t accept that they simply weren’t good enough to compete.

Madrid wins 5 consecutive titles again in late 1980s until, a certain Johan Cruyff takes over as the Coach at Camp Nou. Barca finally found winning ways again, as Madrid lost two unfortunate titles on the final day. Fast forward to 2020, Barca wins 7 out of the 10 titles in decade and blames the Refrees for not winning the others.

Now if you have got just a little bit of commonsense you can understand this pattern, Madrid were simply the better team most of the time, and Barca fans had nothing except blaming the Government for their failures. This complex has been building since decades and it became an obsession, now they can’t help themselves. The only thing that has changed over the years is that now Pérez has replaced General Franco in their minds.

And they’ll continue to do that, they’ll play the victim card whenever they’ll fail. The reason why Barcelona needs to play the victim card is because of their interests outside of football, they play as a front for Catalan movement, and the victim card helps when you’re in the business of emotions. Madrid might have won the war of football but they’ve lost the war of propaganda as Relano puts in. And its certainly true, we can’t beat a political organization-cum-football club at propaganda.
Barcelona would do every disgraceful act throughout the season but at the end you’ll see them standing at a mountain of moral high ground.

In 2009 Barca’s President Joan Laporta labeled Madrid’s spending policy as “Imperialist”, “Arrogant” and “Shameful”. Decade later Barca have spent more than Real Madrid but did anyone hear anything from Real Madrid complaining about it, no you won’t. It won’t happen, Madrid never responds because it would mean dignifying their scurrilous claims. And they won’t stop talking about Real Madrid, because it is the biggest club in the world, because it is the club they are obsessed with, because this is who they wana be.

Louis Van Gaal who Managed Barcelona at two different occasions describes “The people of Catalonia are proud people and they want to be better than Madrid. One of the big aspects of the society there is the desire to show that Catalonia can compete with Madrid”. There you have it, one of their own saying it.

Real Madrid’s ambition starts from conquering Europe, and Barca’s ambition ends on reaching Real Madrid’s level. Madrid has alway been a class above at the top, Barca always trailing behind and trying to find excuses, Franco, Alfredo Di Stéfano, Refrees, Pérez, VAR, Rafa Nadal maybe (In future), they’ll find someone definitely. This is Madrid-Barca rivalry in a nutshell!

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