G r r r r r r r r r r!
Ikeoluwa immediately jumped up from her bed as she heard the beep of her phone alarm. She usually set the alarm to avoid going late to the School. She was a seventh-grade student of Glory high school Lagos. Her parents had two children and she was the second child and only girl. She was pretty, brilliant and friendly. Her brother was not living with them because her uncle has to take him to live with him after the death of their father while Ikeoluwa stays with their mother.

When she woke up in this blessed morning, she dismissed the alarm and quickly rushed to the kitchen to start her house chores. She took her bath when she finished and went to her mother’s room to inform her she was ready to go to school after she had put on her uniform.

“Take money for your breakfast on the table over there” she pointed at her mirror’s table as she yawns “have a nice day, love you”

” love you too ” she hugged her and hurried out

Ikeoluwa hasn’t walked too far from the house when a car pulled up beside her and the student sitting at the back seat of the car came out to meet her. His name was Damilola but his friends call him “Dammy”. He was 13 yrs old, and a 9th-grade student in her school.

“Good morning. Can we give you a ride to the School?

“No, thanks” She refused blatantly, rolled her eyes at him and walked away

The boy looked at her, smiled devilishly and walked into the waiting car disappointedly.

A week after the incident, she went to the Cafeteria to have her breakfast. As she was done eating and was about leaving, Dammy “the 9th-grade boy” took a chair and sat beside her

” Hello! beauty” He said as he looks at her lustfully

“Hi” She replied and ignored him

“As anybody ever told you that you are beautiful?”

“Thanks for the compliment,” she stood up, dropped her plate with the food seller and left the cafeteria


” Mummy a boy came to meet me in the cafeteria today,” She told her mother while helping her in the kitchen after the school. Her mother left what she was doing as soon as she heard that and came closer to her “What did he say?” She asked steadied her gaze on her face

“He greeted me and started saying nonsense. When I discovered he had no good intention, I had to leave him where he was sitting and left the cafeteria”


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