Am Odaji. I am the first child of my family. Three years after my mother’s death, my dad decided to take a new wife. He proposed to a lady and they got married. A week after their marriage my dad rented a new apartment of which we packed in. I was the only one staying with my dad. The rest of my two siblings are staying with my aunt in Edo. We packed in there I met aunty Jane my step mother for the first time. We exchange pleasantries like we have met each other before . Welcomed me and ushered me to my room upstairs. The lady is about 32 years of age and my dad is getting to 50. I wondered while on earth will she agreed to marry my dad.Although my dad is a wealthy man,who has one of the best company in Abuja and two other in Edo.As a business man he never had much time to waste at home travelling from one state to another at times in the country or outside receiving and issuing consignment. That made him popular and wealthy in many country . It all started the day after I packed in. In the morning I woke up and got refreshed and went to meet my dad downstairs who is fully prepared for work. Standing with him is aunty Jane handling his briefcase .” Good morning dad ” I greeted .”Good morning how was your night’ dad asked. am fine I responded and turned to aunty Jane who was putting on a very skimpy skirt and a transparent short singlet reviewing her boobs pointing towards my dad with the nipples showing in them. I greeted her and she responded with a broad smile on her face My dad left for work and I headed to the kitchen if I could see anything edible . I went into the kitchen to prepare some supreme packed Noddles .Just then she entered like an angel. My eyes was focus on her attractive boobs and her half naked lap, as she comes close I became confused. looking at me eye ball to eyeballs. While my D I C already strong and hard, banging me from underneath looking for a way to go into divine actions. just then..

By Obaino style blog

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