🧜My Mermaid 🧜

♥️Chapter 3♥️

💎Princess P.O.V💎

The next day I couldn’t keep calm,

I wanted to see my prince charming,

I didn’t bother to tell Selena coz I know she won’t want to follow me so I went on my own to the human world,

I got there and hide behind the same mountain,

I checked where I saw him yesterday but he wasn’t there, I feel sad, I thought this his home so why is he not here,

I tried looking around but I couldn’t find him, I waited for many hour hoping to see him but I still didn’t see him,

I feel sad and disappointed, I went back to the palace

“Princess where have you been” mother said to me

“I was just playing around the water” I lied to her

“Okay but why is your face like this….you look sad” she said

“Am fine mother” I said and went back to my room,

I sat in my room thinking about my human love,

I know it’s a taboo to fall in love with a human bit still I couldn’t get him off my mind,

I feel very pained not seeing him today, I think I will have to go again tomorrow,

I was still thinking about this when mother cam in

“My princess, tell me what the problem is, was anyone rude to you, I see you look sad” mother said said touching my over long hair

“Am fine mother” I replied

“No I know you’re not” she said

“I wanna ask a question mother” I said looking straight to her face, I was just a replica of my mother, she is beautiful and adorable

“Ask me my daughter” she said with a smile

“Why is it a taboo to fall in love with human” I asked her

“My daughter, I hope it’s not what am thinking” she said

“Not at all mother, I just want to know why in case someone ask me that question” I lied to her

“Okay….we are totally different from the humans, they hate us, whenever they see a mermaid, they kill them or make mockery of them, they have two legs while we have a tail, there is a total difference between us okay” mother said to me but I wasn’t okay with the answer she gave

“But mother, what if a mermaid is caught been In love with human” I asked

“He or she will be killed or eaten up by a crocodile” she said

“But mother is there a way a mermaid can turn to a human” I asked with fear

“Princess, why asking question about human” mother said

“Nothing mother,I know a lot about the life of mermaid so I just wanna know about the human also” I said to her

“Well there’s is only a way to turn into human but whoever is caught will be sent into the prison for ever” mother said to me but I wasn’t really moved by the punishment, am different from other mermaid, am really powerful and I can set myself free from every bondage

“So what the only way” I asked curiously

“I can’t tell you, it the ocean secret” mother said

“Please mother….. please….. please….. please…. please” I pleaded

“Okay okay……there is a necklace, if s mermaid is chanced to put it on, you can turn to human whenever you are on Earth and still a mermaid in the ocean” mother said

“And can the necklace be found” I asked

“It’s a dangerous place, it is with the spirit of the ocean in the four corners of the ocean, they are dangerous and can kill anyone” mother said

“Okay…. thanks mother” I said to her

“So I hope you’re satisfied now” mother asked

“Yes mother” I replied then she smile and and left

Now how do I get the necklace from the spirit of the ocean, I need to find a way

3days Later

♥️♥️Mike’s P.O.V♥️♥️

I woke up sweating and gasping for air, ever since jenny died, I keep having a nightmare of how she got hit by the car and her last word to me before she died

I tried calming myself down, I went to the kitchen and drank water but I wasn’t calm yet,

My mind feel disturbed

I really missed her, I finished drinking the water and went back to sleep but her face keep appearing to me whenever I closed my eyes

“Hi baby go to the beach, I have a surprise for you”

I heard Jenny said,

I opened my eye and realise it’s a dream, i walk to the sitting room

I don’t think I can ever get her off my head, she means everything to me, I can never love a lady again the way have loved her

But she mention the beach in my dream, though I know it’s just a mere dream but I still believed it, I put on my shirt and drive myself to the beach, I got there and sat beside the river, why am I even here in the first place, I laughed at myself for believing that ordinary dream

I remembered the last time I came here with Jenny, she was telling she wanted to swim and I was like you wanna die, why will you want to swim in a big ocen like this, I told her am not ready to loose her but she proved stubborn, immediately she walk in the river, she ran back telling me it’s scary because I wasn’t by her side, then I laughed at her

I miss you Jenny……if I had know, I wouldn’t have bring up the idea of going to her parent place

I turn my gaze to the other side then I saw someone waving at me with smile, I couldn’t see all her body but I must tell, she captured my heart for see seconds, why is she this pretty,she kept waving at me then I also waved back at her, I stood up and walk to where she is but when I got there I couldn’t see her again……where could she be

Well am not here for her, I walk back to my car and drive home

Princess P.O.V

Today is the happiest day life, as usual I went to the human world to find my prince charming an luckily I saw him and I waved at him, I was glad he saw me and also waved back at me but then I saw him coming towards my direction….oh no, I don’t want him to know am a mermaid….I quickly enter into the river, I was the fastest mermaid when it comes to swimming, so I quickly left before he got there

I really wish to see him close by not from afar, I need to find a way to get this necklace from the spirit……I need to find a way

Do you think Princess will be able to get the necklace

Will Mike love her even after seeing her

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