[She is a virgin]

✍️Written by princess✍️

🔞Episode one🔞


I lapped danced on him, and I could feel the rising of his d*ck on my ass.

I stood up, and wiggled my butt on his face.

His hands were about holding my butt when I darted forwards.

I crawled back to him, he’s so horny, he couldn’t take it anymore.

He took over.

He dragged me up and loosened my top.

I wasn’t putting on any Br*.

He grabbed my nipples and started sucking them like crazy while pressing my a**.

Oh! I moaned softly.

I finally get through his jeans and bring out his hard d*ck.

I rubbed it, and then started sucking his 8 inches d*ck.

He pushed my bead to go deeper, and removed my mouth for breath.

I inserted my mouth back ans s*cked it, while romancing his balls.

Soon, he pushed me on the bed and forced his way into my wey p*ssy.

He sucked out every juice in it, tongue fucking while I moaned loudly.

He stopped after some minutes and was about inserting his d*ck into my p*ssy, but I stopped him.

I stood up, and walked out, leaving the man stranded and confused

That’s how I always do.

I tune them, but when you are about diving in, I pause you and walk out.

I am Vanessa.

The sweet holy gal my aunt knows me as.

But she ain’t unaware what I do at night.

I am a slut!

Yes, a slut, though am not proud of it.

My aunt and her husband are really poor, they hardly earn enough for their two children, Rosa and kelvin.

I tried getting jobs, but I couldn’t.

She won’t let me.

So, the only job usually down at night, is stripping, and now, that’s what u do to earn a living.

You might not believe me, but even though men’s lips and tongues have had a taste of my pussy, d*cks haven’t entered, so am still a virgin.

I entered the next room to dress up, so seems, others sluts are there.

I quickly dressed up in the corridor and went home. I sneaked inside my room, through my window which I always leave open.


🌇The next day🌇

I stood up sluggishly, showered, and dressed up.

I put in a crazy jean and a crop top, white a sneakers.

Am off to have fin with my friends as usual.

I walked in the club where they usually wait for me.

“hey, our sexy mama is here”,they all shouted happily.

“one bottle of hero pls”,I ordered.

“today, Bill’s on me”,Zara said.

“whoah, Zara, so what’s popping?”,James asked.

“i just got a new job”,Zara said happily.

“whoah”,we all cheered.

“okay, so what’s your new job?”,I asked.

“okay….I had to……you know…….please my boss first before he gave me the job as his PA”,Zara said, in form of a whisper.

“whoah, then get ready to be banged everyday”,named said and we all roared in laughter.

“i don’t mind. He is damn hot”,Zara replied.

“Zara has got a job. Its remaining you Vanessa”,mia said.

“hey, leave her outta this. Holy holy, she won’t let them bang her”,James replied.

They don’t even know, and ams not telling anyone.

T b c…

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