#OnThisDay, exactly 6 years ago, perhaps the biggest humiliation in football history occurred.

#Germany beat #Brazil 7-1 in the semi-final of the #World_Cup held in Brazil. 🇧🇷🇩🇪🙆‍♂️

⚽️ 11’ Muller
⚽️ 23’ Klose
⚽️ 24’ Kroos
⚽️ 26’ Kroos
⚽️ 29’ Khedira
⚽️ 69’ Schurrle
⚽️ 79’ Schurrle
⚽️ 90’ Oscar

😳 #CBF_Futebol were humiliated by #DFB_Team on their own turf in the #FIFAWorldCup semi-final. 😢

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