Identity crisis rocks Amaechi presidencial ambition
“Former Rivers State Governor, Peter Odili, used to shout on rooftops that he was a “Rivers man”. But when he started running for president in 2006, Ijaw leader, Chief Edwin Clark, reminded him that as a Ndoni man, he was Igbo and not an “authentic” Southern Minority to benefit from their agitation for the presidency.”
It is the same thing Amaechi is passing through. Though, not in the hands of the Ijaws but in the hands of Igbo. Amachi too has been shouting to roof top that he speaks Igbo but not an Igbo. However, when presidency comes to Igbo turn to produce the 2023 presidency. The same Amechi that claim he is not Igbo now say he is Igbo.
Amachi in the state level of his politica career denied his route or tribe and that was a perfect lift for him in the Revers State because that was the reason North created Rivers state and helped them change their names to something that has no meaning. However, on the national level of his political career it became obvious to him that he can never move without his real tribe for support.
The question now is would Igbo tell him the same thing Clerk told Odili? Well! Time shalL tell. Identity crisis is the worst thing a man can go through. Sometime it is worst than death. A man that does not know his ancestors. A man that does not know his route. A man that does not know his tribe. It is like a man without a country. If it is Uche Okwukwu the former secretary general of Ohaneze Ndigbo, Igbos will support him witout hesitation.
American black today try to trace their route back to Africa just to know their Identity.

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