“I Opened My Wife’s Room Without A Knock See What I Saw.”
by Irene Franca Amaka / JULY 7, 2020


“I Opened My Wife’s Room Without A Knock See What I Saw.”

“I am married to my wife for 4years now and I have been having series of problems with her. Each time I tell my wife to sleep together with in room she will always decline without giving me a good reason, but as a gentle man that I am, I allowed her do her wish.”

“It has always been like this for the past 3years of our marriage. I couldn’t take it anymore, I decided to ask her why don’t like sleeping with me in my room, but she got upset and walked out on me.”

“I just kept mute because I don’t want anything to affect our marriage. I tried asking her friend to help Me talk to her, but it yield no fruit, it only added salt to injury.”

“Then I decided to seek help from a friend. My friend advised me on what to do so, I tried it.”

“In other to carry out the plans successfully, I lied to my wife that am going to work, unknowingly to her I went to my friend’s house.”

“After a while I went back to my house everywhere was calm as if no one was at home. I opened my wife’s room without a knock what I saw left me in shock. I saw my wife on her bed half human and half a giant scorpion. I nearly pee on my trousers.”

“My wife was shocked when she saw me she didn’t know what to say or do so, she started pleading with me not let her secret known to anyone that she can explain.”

“Please what should I do? I Really Love her so much.”

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