[She is a virgin]

✍️written by princess✍️

🔞Episode two🔞


“guys, let’s go some where else, am tired of this particular spot”,Zara said.

“sure….should we…..go to your boss house?”,mia asked jokingly.

“i will be happy if we go there”,Zara replied.

“okay, let’s go to the casino”,James suggested.

“sure, bills on me”,Zara replied.

We all went to the casino, and sat down together.

“should we join in the game?”,mia asked

“wait a minute……look……that’s my boss…….he’s here”,Zara said and we all looked.

The face wasn’t really clear for us to see.

We all diverted to another seat.

“hi”,Zara said as she got the attention of her boss.

Damn! He is ….hot….abs and all.


I want to be banged.

I haven’t set eyes in those d*ck of his.

He only caressed and kissed me, sucking and fumbling my a** and b**bs.

“come”,he said.

I followed him to the room close by, and we locked it.

He pushed me harshly on the couch.

He unhooked and bum short and removed my crop top.

He unhooked my Br*, giving him full access to my small round b**be.

He sucked on the right, while fumbling the left.

He tore my panties and fingered me, licking the juices off his hands.

We kissed passionately, but roughly as we were both eager to f*ck.

I removed his trousers, and brought out his 9 inched d*ck.

I sucked and sucked, as i played with his balls.

He let out a soft groan for pleasure.

He then darted to my wet p*ssy, licking and tongue fucking.

He brought his d*ck and put into my p*ssy.

His d*ck isn’t the first to enter, is already wide.

He screwed in and out, awhile I let out a moan.

He kept screwing, while fumbling my b**bs and kissing my neck leaving traces of hickory.

He cums inside me.

He then collapsed on the other side of the couch.

I wasn’t satisfied, I wanted more, I climbed in him, placed his d*ck inside my p*ssy, and rode.

I rode on rode on his hard d*ck until I was tired.

I wore my clothes, and walked outside, satisfied that I have had a taste of my boss.

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