🧜My mermaid🧜

♥️♥️Chapter 4♥️♥️

💎Princess P.O.V💎

I sat in my room all day thinking of the best way to get this necklace from the ocean spirit, then Selena came in

“Hi princess” she said to me

“Where have you been all this while” I asked frowning

“Sorry I was kinda busy, so what up you look bothered” she asked me

“Bothered…no am fine

“Remember am your best friend and I know when you’re happy or not so don’t lie to me” she said

“Oh Selena I said am okay” I yelled at her then I saw her adjust from me

“Am sorry I yelled at you….. forgive me best friend” I said to her

“On one condition” she said to me

“There you go again always having a condition whenever we fight…. okay what condition” I asked her

“You must tell me what is bothering you and no lies” she said to me

“Hmm….. okay I’ll tell you” I said

“Am listening…….lies” she said

“Okay okay… in love” I said with smile’s

“Wow finally… which mermaid are you in love with” she asked me

“Mermaid…… in love with a human” I said to her

“Princess” she yelled

“Stop shouting” I said more like a whisper

“How could you say such thing when you know it’s a taboo” Selena said to me

“I know but he’s just too cute” I said to her

“How can a mermaid with tail love a human with two legs, who does that” Selena said

“It’s possible, now my only problem is how to become human” I said to her

“In your dreams right” she said to me

“Mother said there’s is a necklace with the ocean spirit, only the necklace can turn you to human” I said to her

“So what are you planning to do” she asked me

“Am looking for a way to get it from them…..and I heard they are dangerous” I said

“Thank God you know so it’s not possible” she said

“I know you ave a lot of trick in your head, why don’t you think of a way to trick them” I asked Selena

“No…..I don’t have such trick” she said and angrily left

“Oh no…..I need to see this guy…..” I said bowing my head in deep thought

Mike’s P.O.V

I was in my sitting room, doing nothing, just checking Jenny’s pics that are all over the wall when my mum came in

“Mother” I said hugging her

“I heard all what happen….. sorry my son” she said sitting down while I also sat beside her

“I missed her mother” I said with tears

“I Know you do and I know how you felt bit still you need to let go off this memories” she said to me

“I will someday” I said cleaning my tears

“You’re the only one here which is not suppose to be so…..why don’t get another girl or a maid” mother said

“I don’t want anyone mum” I replied

“No at least a maid, she will keep your company, and you won’t be the only one at home” she said

“I will think about it ” I said

“Be fast about it and if I also found one, I will let you know okay” she said

“Okay” I replied

“So have you eaten” she asked me

“Not really” I said

“Let me get you something to eat” she said and walk to the kitchen

A week after

Princess P.O.V

As days pass by, I down went to the upper world but I couldn’t find my prince charming, I feel worried and sad, I came back to my room only to find Selena

“What are you doing here” I asked

“Can’t I come to say hi” she replied

“Oh I see” I replied sitting down

“Guess what” she said


“I found a way out” she said smilling

“Are you here to make jest of me” I asked

“Am damn serious” she said

“Really… wat way” I asked curiously

“I was thinking, we should both go to the ocean spirit crying, and lied to them that the human came and took some mermaid away while they were playing in the water and we need a way to go rescue them” she said

“Excellent” I said clapping


“So let’s go” I said

“No….. mother will be expecting me at home, so let’s make it tomorrow” she said

“Okay…. thank you” I said and hugged her

The next day

We embark on our journey to the ocean spirit place, it’s really far from the palace and I was really tired but the love in me keep boosting my energy

Later in the night we were able to get there

“Who are you” I heard a voice said

“We are from the queen, she sent us to you” Selena said then the spirit ocean appear to us

“What did the queen said” the spirit said

“Spirit of the ocean….. some of our mermaid are being arrested by the human and taken to the their world, we need to find a way to get release them, and the only way to release them is to be in human form” I said crying 😪

“So you need the necklace” the ocean spirit asked

“Yes…..our members are in danger please do not say no” Selena said

“And why didn’t the queen come herself”

“I am the princess, the next queen after mother, so I am also a queen” I replied

“I will give you the necklace but you must return it after u release the mermaid” the spirit said

“Definitely” I replied then the ocean spirit disappear

“We’re did he go” I asked Selena

“I don’t know” she replied, we waited for some minute but didn’t see him, I was worried just then a necklace appear in front to me

“Take it” I heard a voice said, I quickly took it

“Thank you” we both said and went back home happily

The next day

“Princess you need to get your hair cut, it’s too long you know” Selena said

“No, am not cutting my hair, I will pack it up and won’t let anybody know how long it is

“Okay” she said

“I will miss you” I said to Lena

“I will too….. the queen will be very worried” Lena said

“I know, I will come back very soon, I just want to be able to see him and that all” I said then we embark on our journey to the upper world, soon we got there, i put on the necklace and my tails transformed into leg’s

“Wow” Selena exclaimed

“But…… am naked” I said to her

“Wait here am coming” she said and swim out of my sight, soon she came back with a gown and pant

“Where did you get this” I asked

“I stole it from a human so wear it” she said then I collected it and put it on

“Bye” I said and hug her tightly

Then I went out while she waved at me and went back to the river, I was searching for my prince charming but I still couldn’t find him

” Hi Angel” a guy said trying to touch me, I pushed and he fell down, he stood up and started running after me with an angry face, I would have easily dealt with him with my power but I don’t want to show him who I am, so I ran out of his sight and soon I got to a place, some things were moving really fast, some are small and some are big with different color (car’s) I really don’t know what this is but I liked it, I stood there while I keep hearing some voice from it (car horn) then I started dancing

🤠You wanna die

👩Get the hell outta here

👴 Is she mad

👵Are you deaf

I keep hearing different people talking to me so I quickly left there, I wanted to cross to the other side then I got hit by the big one, I won’t lie, I didn’t feel any pain but I pretend as if I was injured so I feel down and close my eye, then a woman rush to me, carried me into the big thing and it’s started moving, I was really enjoying it but I pretend as if am dead

Now how will I get myself outta here….am doomed

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To be continued….

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