⚪🔵Brighton manager Graham Potter speaking to Match of the Day: “Its not an ideal start and it’s my responsibility – I asked them to play that way, the decision making could be better but they showed personality to claw back into the game. We created chances before scoring a really good goal. We tried to play, we went toe-to-toe and there were lots of positive performances.
“The scoreline can affect you but if you analyse the chances we had they were good chances. They are a top side who can hurt you, with unbelievable players everywhere. I’m proud of the players, they stuck with it and they played a good game.”

🔴Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp speaking to Match of the Day: “I saw two very good teams, both trying to play football. They had a brave formation and set up but we had a super solution for that. Our high press was outstanding but when we lost the ball in the wrong moment it was really difficult.
“They deserved the goal so we had to adjust a few things like our protection and position in midfield and it helped. The beginning was outstanding and the end was good again. I couldn’t respect more what Graham [Potter] is doing here – they made it a really tough game.”
On Neco Williams: “The yellow card was the only reason [he came off]. He was good but I cannot ask a 19-year-old not to make another challenge on a yellow card. We asked a lot, we put him on the wrong side and asked him for a really hard press. We asked for a lot but he can do that, he was good.”
On chasing the points record: “It’s not important for me, I’m not interested in any of this but I want to win football games. For sports people in general it might be important. We are champions and it could be softening but it is not – the boys go with everything.
“We have 92 points and last season we had 97. We got five points more than this last season – that’s unbelievable, I have no idea how we did that.”

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