Klopp about Naby:

“Injuries never help, they cost you for sure rhythm, especially when you are a new player.

“People forget that, but when he joined us he started exceptionally well but then the injuries started. That didn’t help him settle properly.

“That is now 100% different. He is completely settled in the squad, that is completely fine. He knows everybody around (the place) and that makes it all different.

“Not to forget that he wasn’t in the first XI when we were on incredible runs. In the last two years we didn’t lose a lot of games and as long as the players (in the team) are fit, then it’s difficult for anyone else to come in. Particularly after an injury and you are trying to get rhythm.

“Now it is all different. He is in a really good moment anyway, but fit as well plus being settled now. That makes life easier.

“Very good football is possible when you have skillset of Naby Keita. It’s really, really good. Counter-press and high press, he was used to from Leipzig.

“It’s part of the performance, and if you are not on your highest level but you want to perform at the highest level, then it’s a constant inner fight with yourself.

“Naby, because of the injuries, he barely had rhythm. Now he has rhythm, that’s good, and now we have to make sure that we keep that, at least until the end of the season and then we have another little break and we carry on.”

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