[She is a virgin]

✍️Written by princess✍️

🔞Episode three🔞


We all watched as Zara followed her boss inside the room close by.

📝Two hours later📝

Zara came out.

“I’ll get going, I need to freshen up”,Zara said and left.

Some minutes later, her boss came out.

The way he stared at me, kinda made me feel awkward.

He licked his lips, sharing at me lustfully.

This jerk face thinks am pike Zara huh?

“excuse me”,I said, and headed to the ladies.

I got in, and washed my face, as I looked at the mirror, I saw him, Zara’s boss behind me.

“hi sexy”,he said, still licking his lips.

”hi”,I replied dryly and was about going, when he held be back.

“hey, I just came, and you are leaving? Come on, lemme drill you”,he said seductively.

I am not in the mood for this rubbish.

“Look, pls just leave me alone okay?”,I said, but he gripped me.

“if you won’t give it to me willingly, I’ll just get it by force”,he replied, and swooped me off the ground, covering my mouth, so I couldn’t shout.

He took me to the same room where him and zara entered.

He threw me on the couch, and tore my clothes.

“stop this. HELP”,I shouted, but he quickly covered my mouth.

He fumbled my b**bs, while I struggled weakly.

“please leave me”, I begged, but he played deaf ears.

Then, someone hit him with a stock and hr fell to the floor.

I looked up, and it was a guy, even more handsome than Zara’s boss.

He removed his coat and gave to me, which I used to cover my body.

“ars you OK?”,he asked.

“yes. Thanks”,I muttered softly.

I stood up and was about leaving.

“there us something am still confused about, you are a stripped, and you are refusing s*x?”,he asked, and I turned to face him.

“that’s enough. You need to know more than what you know already. Its none of your business”,I replied rudely and walked away.

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