Episode 5

It started playing but no volum
Me: high the volum…she highed
the volum as
it started playing,it was just my
mum on
fixed camera as she talked
Mum:i believe by now my dear
children Chidi
and Bisola would have gotten
this,this tape
is to reveal a deadly secret i
found out about
yomi my son and his father who
to be my husband.two days back
being 24th
of apirl 2012,on my way coming
ibadan,some unknown gun men
attacked us
on the way,i managed to escape
into a
nearby bush,out of fear i ran
deep into the
bush.i got close to a cave where i
saw your
father and yomi standing outside
cave,out of curiousity i hid my
self trying to
figure out what business the two
had in a
bush,i saw some able bodied
men bring out
children tied hands and legs
from the
cave,the next video would show
evidence…then her camera
moved to her
large tablet phone,we could see
some men
bring out children from a cave,a
man picked
2 of them and handed over a box
to yomi
which he opened,it contained
reasonable amount,he looked at
daddy and
shaked his head in acceptance
the handed
over the box to daddy,then i saw
the very
guy that shot mummy came out
of the cave
with blood stain all over him,he
was holding
something covered with blood
(seem like
meat) which he handed to
another man
who opened a bag for them to
put it,then
he handed a nylon of money to
yomi who
opened it before giving it to
dad,then it got
clear when two dead bodies of
two kids,a
boy and a girl was carried
out,their private
parts where missing,the video
stopped and
mummy continued.this proves
that your
father,my husband and my son
yomi kidnap
and traffic children,sell human
parts and is a
murderer.later the next day
when i
managed to get home,i
confronted your
father and he threaten to kill me
if i dont act
like i saw telling you
my children
should anything happen to me in
future,beware of your devil of a
father and
his son yomi.keep this video,your
knows nothing about it.the disk
Bisola: o my God, o my God
Me:jesus (i felt a sudden fear grip
me)was it
not that day mum lost her car?
Bisola:yes! It should be because
mum came
back the next dad in a shocker
Me:bisi we are finished
Bisola:bros chidi am scared,so
Me:what do you think we should
do now
Bisola:call the police
Me:what! Never,dad would bribe
them and
after that we are dead
Bisola:any idea?
Me:we would trace dad and
yomi,lets know
the location first
Bisola:am so scared o
Me:we have to be strong,dad
knows we are
already suspecting,so it may be
our death
roams about still.
That night we couldnt
sleep,bisola kept
shouting at every little noise,i
checked the
time it was 5:32 a.m with bisola
still clued to
my body with her eyes wide
Me:we need to make duplicates
of that disk
Bisola:anywhere you go i would
follow you,i
cant stay allow in the house
Bisola:am scared,have been
hearing voices
of those children we saw in the
Me: (nawa o,women things are
different)stop this you
hallucination jawe.
We fell silent till my alarm rang,it
was 7 am
Me:go to your room and bath so
we can
duplicate this thing on time and
trace dad
Bisola: okay…she left my room
and came
back almost immediatly
Bisola: please follow me am
Me: ohhhhh,not again,oyah make
use of my
Bisola:ah thanks…she rushed into
the bath
room while i carried my
laptop,connect my
flash drive,opened my bag and
brought out
a use disk that contains
nothing,and started
my duplication process.

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