🧜🧜My mermaid🧜🧜

♥️♥️Chapter 5♥️♥️

💎💎Princess P.O.V💎💎

I was somehow scared coz I don’t know where this woman is taking me to bit one thing I happy about is that as long as I have this necklace on me, no water can turn me into a mermaid or bring back my tails

Soon she stop driving and call out a name “Nurse, nurse” who was that, I thought in my mind, actually I got injured in my leg but it has no effect on me and I would have cover up the wound had it been nobody saw me, I was taken to a room and they started injecting all sort of things into me which I don’t like and it get to a point, I got tickled probably they were trying to check my pulse or whatever, I smiled and open my eye

“oh you are awake….so fast” a lady said

“Maybe” I said

“So how are you feeling now” she asked me

“Am good now and I can walk better so can you please stop touching or injecting anything into my body” I said politely

“Let me call the doctor to come check on you coz I don’t think you’re fine” she said and left

Like she thought am mentally disturbed or what

She came back later with the so called doctor, I raised my head up to check who it was and I found my prince charming, this time he was looking more cute, so he’s gonna treat me then I have to faint back, immediately I lay back on the bed and closed my eye tightly

What’s wrong with her” he said checking my pulse and other places which I feel excited about, at least I was able to see my prince charming before leaving

“She’s fine, I think she need some rest so do not disturb her and by the way where is mum” he said to the other lady

“She went back to the office” she replied

“Okay let me know when she’s awake” he said and left then the lady follow

I was left all alone so I opened my eye and smile to my self, I touched every part of my body which he touched and kissed it ……oh he is just too cute

Few hours later

The woman who hit me and brought me here walk in so I sit properly

“Hi my dear, how are you doing now” she said to me touching my hair which was well packed

“Am fine now” I said smilling

“Am really sorry for hitting you then, I was in an hurry but next time, you check left and right before you cross okay” she said to me

“Alright ma” I replied

“So where do you live so I can take you home” she asked me

“Home….I don’t have a home here” I replied

“You mean you don’t have a home…..oh am sorry” she said patting me, but who told her I don’t have a home

“Hope you won’t mind following me home then” she said, say’s who….I said to myself then my prince charming Walk in

“Hi mum….. what were you doing to make you hit a lady” he asked the woman, so the woman is his mum….oh I have to follow her home but will I be able to go back to the water….I need to be back before the queen finds out

“I don’t even Know how it happen, I just found my car hitting her” she replied

“Well she’s fine now,and am going home” he said to his mother

“Wait son….why don’t you take her along” the woman said and I feel excited within me

“Take her……to where….why me…..I don’t even know her from Adam” he said

“I know but she said she has no home, at least she can help you with the house chores” his mum said to him

“Mum am not complaining about the house chores okay…..I can do it so I don’t need a maid” he said to her….so rude

“Let’s just help this poor girl darling” his mum said

“Hey mum, why don’t you just take her to your place huh” he said

“You know I have enough maid already so just go with her and that my final say” she said and walk out

“Gosh” I heard him say and he shot me a deadly look, I was a little bit scared bit I sat there smilling

“By the way….. your face looks familiar” he said staring at me

“Me….no…. we’ve never met before….” I lied to him

“Well….pack your things and let go” he said

“I don’t have anything to pack” I replied

“Oh I see… must be damn poor” he said to himself but I heard it

“Let’s go” he said and walk out, I quickly follow him into his car, don’t mind me, I got to know it’s a car when his mum was shouting she’s in the car to those who came to take me out

He started driving not uttering any statement, I really don’t know how am gonna come with this rude but cute human, I don’t even know his name

“If I may ask….your name” I asked

“Does that add a food to your table” he replied and I was like…, I shot him a deadly look even though I still care for him.

Soon we got to this big house and got down from the car, we walk in

“Here is the sitting room, and that’s the dinning, the kitchen is over there” he keep mentioning different places to me but I wasn’t listening instead I keep staring at a lady pics on the wall.,..

She looks familiar…… princess try and remember….oh yes I do, I saw her in my dream come week ago

She was crying bitterly then so I walked in to her and ask what the problem but what she said was “I miss him”

“Miss who” I asked her but she continue saying I miss him,

“Tell him i miss him when u are chanced to meet him” she said and disappear, but is she doing on the wall

Hey……hello” I heard him called out

“Sir….oh the kitchen… she the kitchen” I asked pointing to the lady pics

“Seems you are sick upstairs” he said and left my sight angrily

“Oh heaven” I said and collapse on the chair

Selena’s P.O.V

It’s two days already and princess isn’t back yet, I feel worried, I just hope she’s fine, her mother walk in

“Selena….. Selena” she yelled out my name

“Oh my queen” I said bowing

“Where is my princess…..where is she” she asked and I was scared to answer

“My queen, I Haven’t seen princess for the past 3days, I thought she’s in the palace” in lied to her

“But she’s is your best friend, how come you don’t Know where she’s” she asked me

“I don’t know my queen, but I promise to go In search of her and bring her back to you my queen” I said assuring her

“You better do” she said and left angrily, now am doomed, av Never see the queen been angry as hell as this…..

Princess wherever you are please come back home…..I don’t wanna die.

♥️♥️Mike’s P.O.V♥️♥️

I don’t know why mum is always like this, forcing me to do what I don’t like

I went to the sitting room only to find this young demon talking to my Jenny’s pics…. I just hope she has no mental disorder, I need to examine her well

“Hey what the hell are you doing with the pics” I asked folding my arms

“Ahmmm…..she missed you” she said

“And how does that relate with the question I just asked you, oh God what have I brought upon myself…..well can you cook” I asked her

“Actually…….am suppose to be a great cook…..but av never for once try it” she said

“Wtf… re suppose but you’re not….then what’s your usefulness here as a maid” I said

“I can make you smile” she said smiling

“Your smiles irritate me” I said and walk to the kitchen, she ran after me, I opened the fridge and brought a milk, I started drinking it and guess what, She was staring at me and gulping down nothing

So I also brought out another milk and gave it to her

“What this” she asked

“Are you that poor that you don’t even know what a milk is” I asked her

“Well am not poor” she answered and left the kitchen with the milk

“I see…. you’re damn rich” I said and hiss

Thanks all for your Encouragement….. I love you all

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