About three nights ago, I was watching my cat from a distance as she posed, keenly peeping through thin air as if she intends to conjure up a spirit; eyes fixed, snarling intermittently with a ready posture for attack. I stood at a distance, observing this incident and wondering what animal might be its prey. My mind ran through a couple of its common victims: Lizard, Rats, wall-gecko and cockroach. Unable to see any of these animals lurking around, I thought perhaps it should be a cockroach taking cover in one of the many materials at the back of our building.

Soon, I heard a sound on one of the gallons placed side by side to each other beside the wall. A rattling sound as dried leaves crumpled up as it dashed around, perhaps seeking an escape route, or chasing one of its meals without knowing a predator was in the corner. One surprising Thing about this moment was that my cat didn’t make a move. The snarling reduced, its pupils contracting and expanding as the intensity of light changed from the turning if its neck from one point to another- obviously affected by the positions of the bulb. Yet, I still couldn’t figure what particular rodent chose to end it’s life in such a gruesome way.

To avoid exaggerations, cats have a 95 percent success rate in hunting and the remaining five percent occurs when the prey is graced by providence of environmental shelter. The silent paws of a cat makes their movement subtle, coordinated and with an unprecedented precision.
I am sorry to break this, but TOM and JERRY cartoon lied to us. I used to think Jerry(rat)was smart, cunning, tactical, fast and has swift manoeuvre that sways cats. Also, the inability of rat traps, rat gums and rat poisons also Gave credence to this false invincibility of rats.


Evidence shows that the cartoon prioritised entertainment to fact.

Some of us have been ladened with an inevitable responsibility of having to kill rats in our home, or pick out rodents. I can imagine the pain and anguish replete with the job of hunting down these small, lower but swift animals as they throw you in disarray with their spiral movements. Sometimes, after the “combat”, your home properties may have been rummaged in awkward positions. I still remember clearly one of my rat hunting tales; I kicked my femur on the iron protector of our generator, and the memories of the pain still causes me grief. I wish I caught that rat in particular, I would have crucified it, and then burn it afterwards.

Back to the Story. So I sat back, recessed into a disheveled roller seat that now serves as a rocking chair in utter hope of a very entertaining hunt from my cat as always. 😁Eureka! Here was this creature: a small, black, Hairy animal, with quite an unusual long tail, with its nose produced forward like the proboscis of an elephant. “This one isn’t a rat” I muttered to myself. More astonishing was that It didn’t seem frightened. It sauntered in a leisurely pace(at least for a thief) and munched what seemed to be like palm nuts gathered from the kitchen after making banga soup. I was confused, at the same time angry, this time not with this creature but with the cat.

“What the fuck is wrong with you!” I screamed so loud in my mind but on the outside, one could only hear a muffled soliloquy. “don’t tell me you can’t see this arrogant, thieving bastard of a whatever creature it is stealing nuts, and you sit there growling like a handicapped old wench!” I continued, as if to scold my cat whom clearly I wasn’t communicating with. It stood still, gazing at this creature who at this time, somehow, developed some overweening arrogance I couldn’t comprehend. The creature though small moved closer to the cat, and what happened next was totally unbelievable😱
My cat Stepped backwards! Like seriously, “Snow you ain’t kidding me!” I groaned within myself.😢 And for every forward step this creature took towards my cat, Snow took three more backwards! I can’t believe my eyes. Somebody must have put something in my water. It leaped forward again and Snow receded almost instantly. This process continued for like ten seconds more and heck! My cat was on the run.🙆🏽‍♂️ The hunter is being hunted!
Snow ran from one corner of the compound to the other, screaming like a girl whose virginity was taken by a rapist. No! she screamed like a prostitute that was given counterfeit currency after her central anatomy have being dissected by orgy of three men.😩 Yeah! Something like that! The scene was as hilarious as it is disappointing. “What the hell was this creature?” I thought to myself as I had already joined the frenzy in order to get a good view of the drama that unfolded.

After three minutes; running, jumping and incoherent bickering from these animals. Nemesis caught up with the creature. It ran into a shallow ditch, and I quickly enclosed it with a stone that splashed its brain substance from its skull. Keenly, I took the animal, examined it and from investigation discovered it was a *MOUSE*, its mouth still moved haplessly, as if trying to say, “fuck you man”. And in a sigh of relief, I threw it out into the nearby bush. Although, I still wondered, why my prized hunter, elegant predator and beautiful Pet still chose to run from this not-so-dangerous animal.

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