🧜🧜My mermaid🧜🧜

♥️♥️Chapter 6♥️♥️

♥️♥️Mike’s P.O.V♥️♥️

I went back to the sitting room, she was sitting and staring at the T.V as if she hasn’t seen anything of such before

“Hey” I said sitting beside her

“Huh…..who are those on the wall, how did they get there” she asked

“U joking right” I said surprisingly

“Joking……who are they…. okay I want to meet them” she said

“Come here” I said and draw her closer then tap her head

“Ouch” she said

“Trying to reset your brain” I said to her

“Am not mad” she said

“I don’t think so….why will you ask Mr what a television is huh…. everything about you is so strange” I saidh

“Television…..oh” she said

“And that reminds me…..have you taken your bath today” I asked her

🧜🧜Princess P.O.V🧜🧜

Do I even need to bath everyday here on Earth….

“I haven’t and I don’t need that is necessary” I said

“So dirty, c’mmon get up and go to the bathroom and shower” he said

“And where is the bathroom” I asked and he stood up and drag me by my hand, he opened a door and pushed me in

“Bath…. okay” he yelled

“But I don’t have any clothe” I said

“Oh heaven….. just bath…..I will get you a clothe” he said and closed the door then left

I don’t even know where the water is, how do I bath now, after pressing all sort of things in the bathroom, I managed to know where the water come from, I turned it on and the water started falling on me…..oh am enjoying this, it’s been a while

I was there for many minutes when I heard a knock

“You don’t need to open the door, I dropped a bag at the entrance, take it when you’re done….your clothe is there

He said and left, I sat under the water for more than an hour

Then I heard him yelled again “do you wanna die there… almost two hours and you’re still in there huh

“Am coming” I said then turn off the water (shower) I tied a towel round me and open the door, then I saw the bag at the entrance, so I took it then I saw him coming towards me

He stared at me from head to toe then from toe to head again….

.ahmmm… can use that room….. it’s your room” he said and left

“Okay” I said and walk to the room, it’s big but not as my room in the ocean…. thinking about that….I hope mother hasn’t been looking for me

I hope Selena is fine

I never thought I would stay long like this, but what do I do

Mother will be very angry at Selena if she later find out am not in the river again

I need to think of something

I cream my body and put on the new dress, it’s a short gown but not that short

I unpacked my hair and it reached my knee, I creamed it and quickly roll it up and packed not well not leaving any trace of how long it could be

Then I walk back to the sitting room

Selena’s P.O.V

Am really disturbed right now, the queen has been disturbing me about where princess is

How will I tell her she’s on Earth with the human

She might get killed

I might also get killed

I was thinking about this when I heard the meeting trumpet sounds….this is the way the queen announce to all mermaid there is meeting, with no doubt, I know this is about the Missing princess

I quickly stood up and swim to the the Queen palace where all mermaid were

“You welcome to my palace all mermaid” the queen Said

“Thank you our queen” we all replied

“I called you here to announce to you that the only princess is Missing for the past 5-6 days, we’ve searched everywhere but still couldn’t find her, so is there anyone who knows where she is

🧜 My queen, we all know that our princess has only a friend who knows everything about her, so why don’t we ask her where she is

🧜Yes my princess, Selena should be able to tell where the princess is

🧜My queen what if Selena isn’t aware of where she might be, they don’t live together my queen

🧜But they do spend most of the time together

🧜My queen what if she’s out now the river

🧜 Never, our queen to be will never violate the rules

🧜My queen what if she’s been kidnapped by our enemies

🧜That can’t be possible, our princess is the most powerful mermaid after our queen so no one can kidnapped her

🧜Then let ask Selena where she is

Different mermaid with different suggestions, how will I get out of this mess….I said to myself

Thank you all for the suggestion….I already ask Selena but she said she doesn’t know where she’s, I only called you here to let me know whenever you heard anything about the princess, you can all go back to your place now….. Selena wait behind” the queen said then we all bowed to her and every body left excluding me

“Selena, you know I am not a wicked queen and I don’t want to be wicked to you so tell me, where is my daughter” the queen said

“Long live my queen, I don’t know where princess is” I said

“You really don’t know” she asked again

“Yes my queen” I replied

“Okay you can go” she said and left my presence….. princess Please just come back home… me from this mess please

Mike’s P.O.V

“Ahmmm……I need to go to the hospital now, I have an emergency” I said to her

“Oh…. okay” she replied

“By the way….. what’s your name” I asked her

“Princess…..I am princess” she replied with a smile then I laughed

“Princess indeed…..poor brat” I said and left

In case you guys don’t know, I am a surgeon doctor, and am good at what I do, though am not yet in the right frame of mind but that won’t stop me from doing my work

Sometimes I blame myself for not being able to save my jenny while I saved other people, even those who were at the point of death… sorry jenny

🧜Princess P.O.V🧜

Now he’s gone, I think this is the best way to quickly visit the ocean, trekking back to the beach is a long walk which I can’t do… I closed my eye and disappear,…..I got to the beach, pull off the necklace, dig a hole and keep it there, I unpacked my hair and enter into the water, my legs transformed back to my tails…..oh I missed it

I quickly swim to the Selena’s place to know what happening

“Hey girlfriend” I said happily

“Princess you’re back…..oh thank goodness…..the queen and other mermaid has been on me, I can’t even breathe, but y didn’t you come back non time” she said

“Am sorry… things didn’t go as planned” I replied and hug her

“You know what just go back to the palace and let the queen know you’re back okay” she said

“But I will have to go back soon” I said to her

“Why” she asked

“Don’t worry I will find time and explain to you but not now okay” I said and quickly left for the palace

💥💥At the palace💥💥

I got there and saw mother sitting down

“Mother” I called

“Princess where have you been” she said hugging me

“Am sorry mother, I only went to the other river, I just got a new friend there” I lied

“Really” she said

“Yes mother, her mum is very nice to me” I said

“Oh okay…..go to your room and rest” she said

“Okay mother” I said and went to back to my room

I need to go back to to my prince charming before he came back, I checked mother and she was already in sleeping in her room….

“Bye mother” I said to myself and wave to her

Mike’s P.O.V

I got home late that night, I got in and every where was silent, where is this dirty girl

“Princess…… princess” I called out but she isn’t answering, I hope this girl hasn’t try anything stupid, I went to the kitchen but she is not there

“Princess” I called out again, I went to the bathroom but she isn’t there, to her room but not there……where could she be

Princess……I yelled angrily

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Will princess get home before Mike find out she is not at home

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