Episode 6 & 7
Episode 6
My the time Bisola finished bathing and
dressing up,rubbing all that their women
stuff(foundation and co) i was done with
making two duplicates of the disk.
I rushed into the bathroom,had a cold
shower,came out and dressed up on black
and black like bisola did,i took my rich black
face cap and covered my head,while bisola
used a black scarf to tie her long hair the
women style.i quickly went to the
compound,ordered the yoruba gateman to
open the gate (who talk say na only hausa
dey do gateman? My brother the thing dey
everywhere)he did and i drove my black SUV
outside the gate and parked it,my reason
was that so dad would not suspect nor
would we have to ask the gateman to open
the gate again after my father drives out in
other not to miss trace but there was no
way we would follow dad without his
notice,my brother yomi would surely see us
by his side mirror or dad’s driver,what
should i do now,just then an idea flashed
through my brain,i had a white portable
Apple laptop i used to admire that year,i
loved the laptop so much that i had to put
tracker on it because i was careless with
things,but the laptop is spoilt now and the
tracker still active,i had the tracker’s map
with me,i rushed inside,went to my walldrop
and took the white Apple laptop,it was very
Bisola:what do you want to do with that…i
ignored her,i went to dad’s car,ordered the
driver to open it and he did(who born am to
disobey me)
Me: please call bisola for me in my room
Driver: okay small oga…he ran off to call
bisola,well i don’t really need bisola,i just
needed the driver out of my way so i can
hide the laptop well in the call.i raised the
back seat and carefully placed the laptop
under it,then closed it,i came out and shut
the door of the car and then the driver
Driver:small oga i don call am,she dey kom
Me: (see mumu) okay thank you,i went
inside,searched for the tracker’s map pad
but couldnt find it
Bisola:what are you looking for
Me:my tracker’s map pad…i heard the
parlour door opened and closed,that must
be dad and yomi leaving for work,i rushed
to the parlour,watching them but to my
surprise dad on wanting to enter the car
paused and asked the driver
Dad:what of that red spider is it clean?
Driver:yes sir
Dad:yomi take my suitcase to that car lets
make use of it today.
Yomi: okay dad…yomi carried the suitcase to
the red spider,opened the back door and
carefully dropped the suitcase
Dad: (referring to the driver)go and drive
that on,it the red spider i want us to use
Driver: okay sir…the driver jogged to the car
and opened it.oh shit,see black market for
me,what a fuck,this man is really a bad
niga.the driver kicked the car to start and it
started,dad entered and yomi did same and
then shut the door,the driver shut his
too,the gateman opened the gate for them,i
watched them sadly.the car moved a little
and stopped,the driver tried all he could to
get it moving but for wia,dad and yomi
came down.yes!!! i shouted almost loudly
Dad:yomi transfer my suitcase to the other
lets use it
Yomi: okay dad…yomi carried the suitcase
back to the with jeep,dad gotten in and he
did same,dad opened the door again,my
mind fly
Dad:femi (the gateman) i would be sending
the mechinic over to repair the red spider
Gateman: okay sir…dad shut the door,the
driver kicked the car to a start and drove out
of the compound as the gateman closed the
Me:ha thank God…i rushed back to my room
Bisola:are they gone
Bisola:is this not the tracker’s map pad you
are looking for
Me:ha thanks,where did you see it?
Bisola:in your drawer
Me:thanks…i on the map and it came to
life,yea i could see the gree dot moving
indicating where dad’s car was at present,i
smiled to my self
Me:bisola it time for action,lets go….
Episode 7
I picked up my black shade,put it on,picked
up my black SUV car key and dashed out of
the room,bisola followed suit with her own
black shade,we don’t need to tell you we
were on a mourning state before u suspect
that,our dressing tells it the compound
to the SUV parked outside,i opened the car
and got in,bisola joined me in the front seat
Bisola:where is the disk
Me:it here,take this one and hide it under
the back car rug…she collected it and did as i
had instructed
Me:take this,it ur own copy,i would keep the
original copy
Bisola: (collecting the disk)okay…i picked up
the tracker’s map pad and checked,the
green dot was still moving,i smiled to myself
Bisola:yea…i drove off on a high speed as i
studied the map every minute to know
where they were.out of Festac,the soon the
green dot stopped moving,it was obvious
they had stopped at a place in oshodi,i
increased my speed till i got to were my
dad’s white jeep was parked,i stopped at a
reasonable distance and observed it,the
driver wasnt even in the car.
The rich building in front of which the car
was parked was daddy’s pretensious office,i
had always wondered what the office
served as.
After like 30 minutes that we had been
patiently waiting out side for them,yomi and
dad came out,the driver wasnt with
them,they both entered and yomi drove off.i
waited for sometime before following the
car making use of the tracker,they drove
into a lonely road where no living soul was,i
wondered how dad knew about that area.
They finally stopped and came down
entering into the bush through a narrow
way,i reversed my car,came down from
it,bisola did same,then we followed
them,they walked for like 15 minutes before
stopping at a big cave,i hid myself with
bisola and watched from a distance,i
guessed customers were already waiting
because we saw dad and yomi shaked
hands with some rich looking me,they
spoke at length before entering the cave
which was being guided by four helfty
men,till they vanished into the dark
cave,their look was really intemidating,ea
of them held an AK47,bisola was now
scared and was seriously shivering,i held
her close to me
Bisola: (in a shaken voice)please lets get out
of this place
Me:why,we haven’t achieved what we came
here for
Bisola: please lets just go…i ignored
her,brought out my phone,trying to video
them from distance,i zoomed my video
camera till they were visible enough.
I saw yomi come out of the cave and the
other three rich men followed before
dad,when they were out of the cave and
visible enough
Me:i guess inside that cave must be really
Bisola: (still shivering in fear)yea but please
lets go now…immediatly i saw the two guys
who killed mum bringing out a girl of about
12 years of age from the cave,made her
kneel down,then a man inspected her,he
pressed her little brest,then touched her
private part,i guessed that was her to be
buyer,then nod his head like agama lizard in
aproval with an evil smile in his face,then
said something i couldnt hear from my hide
out,another helfty guy came out with a
sharp long cutlass,the girl was blind folded
and her mouth tightly covered,the pretty
little young girl shouted for help,mum’s two
killers held her hands (one to each of her
hands) and then hardly pressing down her
leg with their own legs(those of you who
had seen people kill goat would understand
better and at this point bisola was shivering
hard,trying to shout but i held her mouth)
then the other guy lifted up the cutlass,as he
was about cutting bisola shouted outly
Bisola:noooooo….all eyes turned to our hide
out,seeing me and bisola,dad’s face got red
Dad: (instructing his men)get them…the men
rushed to our direction as my self and bisola
stood helpless.

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