Episode 2.
Viva has being carrying a long face for her husband Richard since the day Betty showed her the gold necklace that Tony bought for her, Richard kept asking her what the problem is but she won’t say
“What is the problem honey…tell me what that is bothering you…I am not happy seeing you act like we are two enemies in this house…please…”
“Okay…since you care to know…when was the last time you bought me a gift or even give me money for shopping…when tell me Richard…your name has Rich in it yet you are as poor as a church rat..”
“Viva, I provide for you and our son everything necessary to have a normal life, we are not poor… because poor people don’t live in this kind of house or estate, we were doing so well… living in our former house until you decided you don’t want to live there again…you wanted to associate with the rich and I strived to save up to give you exactly what you wanted… this house is very expensive, it takes almost all my income and yet I still try to make sure you and Josh has food and clothing…I am really trying honey…I would have love to give you everything you desires but not right now, everything around here is really expensive, Josh school fees is also inclusive…at least you have a good house, fine clothing and food…that..
“What nonsense are you saying…what kind of rubbish talk is this…I have a good house and food…did I come to this life to eat just food and wear fine cloths…wasn’t I doing that before you met me…was I looking hungry or tattered…no tell me, you talk about the house rent and Josh school fees as if your mate are not doing far more…just look at Betty’s husband.. Tony… he has two kids and he pays all the bills in the house as if is nothing…he buys present for his wife almost every time and takes her shopping too…the recent gift he bought for her is an expensive gold necklace…very beautiful, Betty was sampling it to my face and I felt so sad that my husband can’t even afford ordinary chain all he complains about is bills this and that as if he is the first man paying bills…I’m sick and tired of all this excuse…I can’t have what I want just because my so called husband can’t afford it…what is the difference with you and poor people..”
“Viva…Viva…stop comparing me with anybody…Tony owns the company he works in, he is the managing director of his company and that position was given to him by his wife’s father, his father in-law hand the business over to him and travelled out to rest, Betty comes from a rich home while Tony doesn’t, she and her sister are all that the parents got, her elder sister married a white man and they are based abroad and that was why her father gave the business to Tony and he has being doing well with it, our fingers are not the same Viva, it won’t be like this forever, all I want you to do is to try to understand me…please honey… okay…okay… I will get you whatever you ask of in this your coming birthday…even if I have to empty my account…just tell me what it is that you want and I will prepare ahead…okay..?”
“Better…that is what I want to hear…that is exactly what I expected from you…but it must not be only on my birthday you will buy me gifts… I like surprises…surprise me with expensive presents once in a while…like Tony does for Betty… Betty’s father maybe rich but since he retired and Tony took over from him he has being doing so well with it…his father in-law is proud of him because of the way he handles the business… you said I should ask for anything…wow.. I love the sound of that… Richard…my Rich…my honey…my sweet husband.. there is this fine handbag I saw online…is not really all that expensive…but is very lovely and I will really like to have it on my birthday which is next month, and also new shoes, at least two shoes and fine jewelleries…can I have all this and even more for my birthday…?”
“Hmmmm…Viva.. I will try…I will buy the once I can buy for you and get the rest later…I don’t want you to be sad or to compare me with anybody please…all fingers are not equal…I am my own man and I am striving everyday to make my family happy, because you and our son are all that I care about…”
After a month Richard was able to get the hand bag that Viva wanted and some shoes for her on her birthday, she took the handbag and shoes to show Betty and Kate who seem happy for her but Viva wasn’t all that happy because Richard her husband did not buy all the things she ask for just the hand Bag and shoes, she wanted more but Richard ask her to wait until he has enough money to spare.
One day Viva came to visit Betty but she was bathing and Betty asked her to wait for her in the sitting room, Viva waited but not in the sitting room she was walking round the house, she entered Betty’s room and Betty’s gold necklace was lying in her dresser probably that is what she intend to wear later after bathing, Viva saw it and quietly moved closed to it, she held it in her hand, and after sometime she decided to leave and come back later when Betty is done bathing so she told Betty that she will be right back in five minute time, Betty said okay, as she was about to open the door Kate came in smiling, Viva almost bump into her as she was rushing out…
“Viva… good day… where are you rushing to… where is Betty…?”
“Betty is in the bathroom…is not quiet long that I came in…I just remembered that I did not unplug my electric kettle and my house girl has taking Josh for summer coaching, I’m coming back…”
Viva rushed out and Kate stayed in the sitting room to wait for Betty, later when Betty came out Viva was already back, Betty mentioned that she can’t find her gold necklace she left on the table… Kate spoke first
“Are you sure it was on the table you dropped it… check very well you might have probably dropped it somewhere and forgot…”
“I think I saw that gold necklace when I peep into your room to tell you I was leaving then…it was on the table… Kate are sure you did not see it because I left this house with you in it and I saw that gold chain before leaving to my house… I hate thieves…that is why I don’t leave my things carelessly whenever a stranger is around…”
“What are you insinuating Viva… that I’m a thief… what kind of person are you…I did not even move close to her room I have being sitting in this place since I came, why will I steal her gold chain… this house is like my second house and I have see far more expensive things to take but never touched them because they are not mine…I have never taking anything from Betty without letting her know, I don’t take what that is not mine…get your fact straight and stop accusing me…I don’t like it”
“Kate you don’t need to like it… me I said my mind and I don’t bloody care what any one feels or think… after all you can’t beat me… you say you have never taking what that is not yours before yet the day Betty brought that necklace to show us you grabbed it and wore…you were already on your way home before I caught you and you removed it…so if I didn’t see you that day you would have wore it home… I’m not accusing you I was only saying my mind except you feel guilty with my words which is harmless…”
“That day Betty showed it to us and I tried it on… I sincerely forgot.. I forgot that there was even something on my neck… it was until you told me I remembered…”
“Why are you so forgetful Kate…even Betty with two kids and a husband did not forget where she left her necklace…me too with a son and a husband hardly forget stuff…and yet you are not married… you only have a daughter and you are so forgetful like this…I see why God has not answered your prayers yet…probably God saw that you will one day forget you have a husband and follow another woman’s husband home… I wonder why you have not forgotten you have a daughter…”
“Viva you are a fool for saying that…I know you will still remind me that I’m still single…and for your information I’m happy having my daughter… being a single mother is not a curse… go take lots of sugar into your life so that you will stop being bitter…you are so bitter and sound so sad…”
“Please enough… enough… must we always quarrel over everything… Viva stop hitting hard on Kate… stop reminding her that she is single every time you want to get back at her, is not fair to say stuff like that… Kate you should know the kind of person Viva is by now and stop paying attention to everything she says…let’s stop all this verbal fight…we are all adults and I hate to watch you two fight like this every time…as for my necklace. It probably fell somewhere, I will look for it or I will ask Rebecca my kid’s nanny to help me look for it…please no more fighting… I have good gist for you two… so Tony asked me if I want to change my car to something new and I nodded and he said okay he will get me my choice of car… I can’t scream… is probably this weekend but I so much love my husband… he is such a sweetheart..”
“Wow.. that is very good…very sweet of him…until the car arrives we will all celebrate but as of now can we talk about something else apart from husband do this and that…we hardly talk about anything again except Tony and gifts that your husband buys for you…this is not like a competition…I’m really happy yes.. I am truly happy that you married a nice man like Tony…but once in a while lets talk about life in general because most of us aren’t that lucky…”
“That is real bitterness Kate… if I talk now Betty will say I hate you but the truth is that you are bitter and jealous…and yet you have the nerve to call me bitter…just look at you hating…Betty talk about what Tony has being doing for her instead of rejoicing with her you are telling her to stop talking about it all the time… you wish you were married to a man like Tony but unfortunate you are still single because you refuse to give room for happiness and celebrate with other people…”
“Hahahaha…I have heard you madam Viva…leave me and my singleness alone don’t make it your trouble…or am I a threat to you… you seem to worry about me so much… ooh that is so sweet to have someone who constantly reminds me of how lonely I am and I need a man in my life because to her she can’t be happy without her husband…and that reminds me… Viva why don’t you like talking about Richard… unlike Betty who is ready to talk about Tony all day…but you hardly mention your husband…he is such an unlucky man to have somebody who never appreciate him like Betty does with Tony…”
“Since you want me to talk about him I will fill you in to your satisfaction…Richard is not like Tony who buys things for Betty all the time…Richard hardly buy stuff for me…and whenever I complain he will tell me he has bills to pay and all that…when he buys small thing he will want me to worship him as god as if he bought the whole world…there is nothing to talk about when it comes to Richard and I don’t find his topic interesting but saddening…he tells me he pays rent and bills and even mention feeding and clothing as if is not a normal duty of a husband to provide for his family… so that is why I don’t talk about him…are you happy now Kate…?”
“Viva..that man is actually trying…you wanted to live in an estate and he brought you here…paying rent here is on the high side… Richard got you a handbag and some shoes during your birthday why don’t you appreciate the little he does…I know you are still going to remind me of not being married but I’m use to it so fire your shot…but first of all appreciate the little your husband does before condemning…”
“Those things he bought for me on my birthday was just two item compare to the things I asked him to buy… and he was even same person that asked me to tell him what I want after doing so he just got me only that…”
While Viva and Kate were busy having a verbal battle, Betty was also busy thinking about her lovely necklace, she has loved that necklace from the day Tony gave it to her, she wondered how it disappeared from her dressing table while she was in the bathroom, it wasn’t about the money Tony spent in buying it, it was how precious the necklace was to her, it will be very hard to get exact thing again, who could have taking her necklace and how will she tell Tony about the missing necklace.
To Be Continued………
Who did you think took Betty’s necklace?? 🤔🤔🤔🤔
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