Episode 8
O gosh,bisola what have you
done…i did not
know what lifted my legs from
the ground,i
took bisola by the hands and off
we go,we
ran like a madman whom had
just been
faced with a lion.this actually is a
matter of
life and death,as we ran i heard
Dad:they are my children but get
them and
kill them…o God,i regreted going
bisola,she fell to the
ground,instead of
getting up to her feet to keep
was busy shouting,i was ahead
of her,i had
to protect my sister,she was all i
got.i rushed
back,picking her up,i saw like
dozen helfty
men chasing us.we ran out of
the bush,i
thank God i had earlier reversed
my car,i
jumped in,bisola quickly
shouting all those women mumu
shout,i kicked the car to a start i
looked back
and that was when the men
were just
running out from the bush,i
faced my front
and saw one in front of us
pointing his
AK47 at us.mehn no time to f–k
up,if i dont
move i and my sister would be
killed but if i
do move,i had chances of
survival,the ones
coming from our back were
close enough
Me:bisola get down
Me:bend down my friend and
stop asking
me stupid questions…she bent
reason for asking her to bend
down was to
avoid bullets from hitting her if
they should
pull the triger,they were now on
us,my car
still on,one of the helfty men
opened my car
door,oh my God,i forgot to lock it
when we
entered,i struggled with him and
finally over
comed him,i quickly locked the
guy at our front was still there
pointing his
gun at us,i zoomed off,hitting the
idiot out
of the way,the rest began to shot
me,am a stubborn rider,i fired on
my speed,finally we escaped,i
was sure they
were far from us by now
because it was
only my dad’s car that was
parked there and
looking through the map tracker
the car
was still.i heard someone
moaning in
pains,all this while have beening
making use
of my front mirror,i checked
through the
side mirror and noticed my car
dragging a human being as i
was speeding.
I killed the speed and stopped
the car,by
now bisola was seating on the
car mat,still
in shock,i opened the car,it was
then i
realized that the guy that was
dragging to
opening the door with me cloth
got hooked
at the car door when i shut it
and the car had been dragging him since.
Episode 9
And the car had been dragging
him since,i
looked at the idiot whom was
half dead
with blood all over his body,the
untied road
had really chopped off his
flesh,he raised his
eyes,looked at me as if saying
“am so sorry”
then gave up his ghost,i opened
my car
boot,brought out a piece of cloth
and wiped
off the blood stain all over my
car,though i
knew the car was less useful
now since it
had bullet piercing all over with
screen but for now i still need it
for escape.
I entered back the car,bisola was
shivering on the mat of the car,i
felt pity for
my poor sister,her eyes had seen
above her and the worst was
that it was no
other person that was the cause
but her
own father,my father and my
susposed be
brother,i checked the tracker
map pad,the
green dot was moving,indicating
that dad’s
car was on the way.o s–t,i need
to get to
the house now to get my ATM
laptop and then carry the red
spider for
survival because i know we can
no longer
stay in the house as we needed
no smooth
sayer to tell us we aint welcomed
again in
that house,i kicked the car to a
start,by now
it was around 4 or 5 pm,i wasnt
and i dnt care to be,i drove into
the tied
road in a high speed,it got to a
point where
i sighted some road safty,they
were already
signaling me to stop with one
idiot standing
on the way with a heavy stick
Me: oooh s–t,not this time…i
increased my
speed to 180,no body tell the
idiot that
death was knocking on his door
if he does
not leave the road as he dived
into a near by
bush,when i speed pass,i looked
through my side mirror and saw
rushing into their hilux in chase
of my
car,they must have suspected me
on seeing
the bullet wounds all over my
car,o boi not
again nah,what’s all this,my
father is chasing
me and now the road safty had
joined.i fired
on and soon they were out of
sight,i got to
our house,parked the SUV
bisola who was still yet to
recover and hit
the gate hard continously till the
answered me
Gateman:who dey dia
Me:for your papa house abi my
house,com’on open this gate
opened the gate,i pushed him
guessed that immediatly he got
the idea that
something was wrong because
he quickly
got up,rushed to the gate and
shut it,he
probably must have thought it
was robbers
that were after us but my dear,if
it were just
robbers,i wont be this
inside,took my ATM,laptop(that of
me and
bisola) and off to the compound
Me: (asking the gateman in a
hurry)have the
spider been repaired?
Gateman:yes small oga
Me:give me the key and open the
now…he gave me the key in fear
and rushed
to the gate to open it,i ordered
bisola inside
the car,she sat at the front seat,i
into the car and fired out off the
compound,at the exit of our
street are two
junctions causing a capital T
junction,as i
got to the T junction i made to
turn left and
saw the road safty’s hilux closed
up on me,o
God so this sons of bitchs are still
after me! I
had forgotten that i might not be
recognized since i wasnt with
the SUV
car,guilty minded i quickly turned
my tyers
right only to realize dad’s car
was closed up
on us too.i saw yomi jumped
down with a
pistol.mehn am stocked up.
To Be Continued

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