♥️♥️My mermaid🧜🧜

♥️♥️Chapter 7♥️♥️

♥️♥️Mike’s P.O.V♥️♥️

I wonder where she went to, I hope she’s not lost coz I don’t want another stress in my life anymore

I went in to my room so I could change only to find princess sleeping on bed

Wtf….what is this dirty thing doing on my bed huh

I walk to her and tap her

“Oh… you’re back” she said standing up

“And what the fuck are you doing here in my room on my bed” I yelled at her

“Am sorry sir, I was feeling feverish this afternoon, I even forgot it’s your room, I thought it’s mine….I guess am not used with the rooms yet” she said

“And you think that’s a genuine excuse to believe you, and didn’t you hear me shouting your name” I asked

“Actually, I was asleep so I Never realized you’re calling me….am sorry sir” she said

“Now listen, seems you don’t know your role in this house, you’re just a maid in this house, your duties is to wash the plates, cook, wash clothes if necessary coz I can’t even allow you to wash my clothe, so stay away from anything that belongs to me, do not come close to me, if you are jobless go to your room and watch TV, I don’t want you near me at all….is that understood” I yelled angrily at her

“Yes sir” she answered

“Now leave this room and don’t ever think of coming closer to my room….do not” I yelled and she ran out…..dumb head

Oh jenny must be angry seeing another lady on my bed, am sorry baby….am so so sorry

🧜🧜Princess P.O.V🧜🧜

I quickly ran out of his bedroom, I never knew he is as worst as this, what an hot temper, thank goodness, I was able to appear into his room before he came in I would have been in a hot soup by now

I walk to the kitchen and wash the dishes, clean the whole kitchen and arrange everything, I took the mop and started cleaning the sitting room, Dusting all the dust and every where was clean

He came to the sitting room and sat down not even having a eye contact with me, guess he’s still angry

I quickly knelt down before him

“Am really sorry sir, I am sorry for everything I might have done to hurt you or to awaken your wrath, kindly forgive me” I said to him

“Well….am also sorry for yelling at you, I was just a little bit disturbed” he said

“So am I forgiven” I asked

“Of course yes” he said then I stood up happily

“So what will you like to take for dinner” I asked and he look at me with amazement

“And the last time I checked, you don’t even know what a milk is, so tell me, how will you know how to cook” he said

“Oh….” I said

“Well that’s not a big deal, I will continue doing the cooking till you know how to cook, so let go to the kitchen” he said and stood up then we both walk in to the kitchen

He started showing me all sort of things, the spoon
And other things which he thinks I need to know, actually am a fast learner, I stared at him as he continue explaining how to make use of those things

Then he gave me a knife and onion to slice

Believe me, I was doing good and I feel excited about that untill I injured myself with the knife….. well I don’t feel any pain

“Oh you hurt yourself” he said holding the finger

“It’s nothing” I said

“Go wash those blood and am coming to take care of it” he said then I nodded and walk out, I blow some air to it and the wound got covered and it looks like my Normal finger again

Then I went back to the kitchen

“Are you done washing it” he asked slicing the onions

“Ahmm…..yeah and it’s fine now” I said

“I will treat it but let finish this before doing that” he said looking at the finger and I see he looks surprise

“Where….is the mark….I mean the scar” he asked

“It’s there, just a small mark, that’s y u can’t see it” I said hidding the finger from him

“Oh….” He said, then he continue explaining the procedures of what he’s cooking.

💎💎The Queen’s P.O.V💎💎

I woke up and went to princess room to check her only to find her bed empty

“Princess…where are you” I called out but she wasn’t answering

Oh my princess has left again, I am beginning to suspect her this days, she don’t stay at home with me anymore, she doesn’t move with her friend anymore and now she prefers going to another ocean to find freinds

I hope princess hasn’t been seeing a mermen….well she’s is not a baby, she’s 19 already so she should be fine

I miss my princess…. just come back home as soon as possible.

🧜🧜Princess P.O.V🧜🧜

To be Candid, my prince Charming is a nice person but I think he isn’t comfortable with me and that’s y he is putting on this act

We were done cooking, I served the dishes and we started eating

“I will like to ask you some questions” I said to him

“Don’t you have manners….you don’t talk while eating” he said

“Am sorry” I replied

“Ask”I heard him say after some minute

“What’s your name” I asked

“Why, are you tired of calling me sir huh” he said

“Am sorry” I said

“You better be….pack those dish to the kitchen and wash them when you’re done eating, I need to get some rest” he said and stood up, and made his way to his room, then he turned

“Mike Edward” he said to me and left then I smile…..Mike…..Mike….Mike

What a cute name for a cute guy

I pack the dishes to the kitchen, wash them, and put them back to where it should be, I locked the doors, switched off the TV…. don’t ask me how I learn that, am fast learner you Know

I went into my room and lock the door, it’s time to sleep….I sang and jumped on my bed

I can hear some one crying

She’s beautiful

She’s on white

I stood up and went to her

“Hey angel, why are you crying…. Angels Don’t cry” I said to her….she was the same girl I saw her pics on the wall

“I miss him….why didn’t you tell him I miss him, I thought you’re a friend, I thought you promise to tell him that” she said

“I tried but he wouldn’t listen” I said

“Then make him listen” she said

“How….I asked

“Make him believe you, make him trust you then he would listen, only then I can find peace” she said and left

I woke up from my dreams and sit properly on the bed…..a dream again

I don’t even know who this girl is

I don’t know her identity

Is she dead or alive, is she a spirit,

Why is she coming to me and not to Mike himself

I need an answer to all this…..I feel depressed

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