*PART 11*



“I didn’t close the door behind me as I rushed into the kitchen to drop all the foodstuffs I had bought. I literally forgot about the door, So Aunty you can imagine how my heart must have felt, it almost jumped out of my body when I felt Ibidolo’s arm around me from behind. I jumped and turned and there he was looking at me. His eyes were bloodshot red, he hugged me so tight and was weeping like a baby and kept saying…
“This is not what I want for you, I am not that wicked, I know I am selfish, but not wicked, I am sorry”
I kept telling him it was ok and I was fine doing it, to make him happy….
“How can I be happy when I am putting you in bondage?”
Still weeping, he unwrapped me by himself
“Please, don’t you ever do this again, you can smile to the whole world if you want. Your smile is not just for me, it is for you as well… I won’t allow my insecurities affect you”
Ibidolo sat on the floor, sobbing. I knelt before him wiping his tears and I said…
“I did this to show you I was committed to you, though the foundation of our Marriage was wrong but I decided this marriage was going to work. Please don’t feel bad, because even if you want me to be a veiled woman, I won’t resist it, but thanks for giving me back my freedom and I promise you today that I will not give you cause to regret giving me the liberty to smile… I love you”
“I love you so….”
Ibidolo covered his face as more tears flowed. I hugged him and I was wondering what Kind of God I was serving who through the wisdom he gave me broke my husband down and made him see things clearly.
Aunty, we had fun, we cooked together and did some loving up…You know……” She said smiling
“And guess the highlight, the day after he took me out and he was so comfortable with me smiling in fact there was a point I was not smiling, he jabbed me playfully by the side and said
“Why are you not smiling?” And out of Joy I gave one of those Epic smiles of mine of which Ibidolo just shouted “Don’t stop that smile”. He brought out his Mini camera and took a picture of me. Aunty, can you believe after we got home, Ibidolo did a panting of that picture overnight….You know he paints right?
“Huh…Huh, I think you mentioned it to me once”… I said
“Aunty, I have been over the moon for the past four days…. I obeyed the rule of being crucified by the one you love, I killed my personal interest in obedience and God Himself resurrected me. Surprisingly, afterwards came my victory, Just like Jesus!”
I found myself clapping for Isoken and telling her a big congratulations. “So no more divorce or separation for you?” I asked
“Aunty, do I need it anymore? God has healed my marriage, a little playing the fool and my joy is full”
“Well, not everyone can play the fool!”
“You are so right ma! And that is why a lot of people lose their marriages and other good things, so where is Uncle?”
“With his mistress” I blurted out before knowing I did….
And there was silence in the room for about a minute, I know Isoken was wondering if she heard me well and I was also wondering what came over me…

To be continued

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