🧜🧜My mermaid🧜🧜

♥️♥️Chapter 8♥️♥️

🧜🧜Princess P.O.V🧜🧜

I woke up the next day and went into the bathroom, I brushed my teeth and bath

I walk to the sitting room where Mike was sitting

“Good morning sir” I said

“Did you even check the time” he yelled

“Time…huh” I stammered

“This is past 10 princess and you’re just waking up, did you even think you own this place or is it because am not always harsh on you, you think you can just do anything you want” he said

“Am really sorry sir” I said

“Keep the sorry to yourself, very soon I will throw you out of here” he said to me

“Am really sorry” I said to him

“Just get out of my sight” he said then I went to the kitchen, I don’t even know what to do, I stood there not knowing what to cook then he came in, he pushed me to a side and started cooking

I feel sad but I didn’t let it appear on my face

“Is there anything I should do” I asked

“Go and die” he said with a harsh tone

“Am sorry…….but I need to tell you something sir” I said

“You know what, I don’t want to see you, I don’t want to hear your voice, so just leave here and do not, I repeat….do not talk to me” he yelled then I walk out, where have I gone wrong

I just wish he try and listen to me

I wish I can tell him someone miss him and I can be free from her

I went to the lady’s pics

“I don’t know if you are listening…..but I really wish to make your wish come true, things are just not falling into place, just stop disturbing me and tell him yourself” I said to the pics and turn only to see Mike behind me

“Oh….you…. startled me” I said

“Like seriously…..are you…crazy or what, like I don’t understand, what is that wish you wish to fulfill, why are you talking to the pics, is she related to you” he asked

“Ahmm….I was just lonely so I just want a friend” I said

“And you think my own jenny is the best person to be your friend huh” he said to me

“Am sorry” I said

“If I ever see you near any of her pics, you will regret the day you’re born….crazy being” he said and went back to the kitchen

Too harsh…..I muttered

❣️❣️Selena’s P.O.V❣️❣️

I got a message from the queen, she told me to come see her so I went there

“You’re welcome Selena” she said to me

“Thank you my queen” i replied

“I called you here to ask you some questions coz I want to be sure of what am thinking….I know you and princess to be very close so why are you guys not always doing as before again” she asked

“My queen, princess and I are still best of friends” i said

“So did she tell you her where about or are you not aware princess is no longer here In the palace” the queen said

“I know queen but I don’t know where she is” I said

“And that’s what bothers me, the princess I know tells you everything but why is she hidding this from you, am beginning to think she is visiting the human world” the queen said and my heart beat started beating fast

“No my queen, princess will never do that” I said

“I hope so…. well you can go now, will let you know if I need your attention again” she said

“Thank you my queen” I said and left, I just hope this secret won’t be linked out.

Mike’s P.O.V

I don’t know why this girl is always on my neck, everything she does irritate me

I was done with the cooking

“Serve the food, am through with it” I said cleaning my hand

“Okay sir” she said then I left for the dinning, she brought the food and dished it out

I was about eating when my phone started ringing, it’s from the hospital so I picked it

Hello….. okay am coming….like right now” I said and hang up the call

“I need to go to the hospital now, I have an emergency” I said and left the dinning, I took my car key and left

I got to the hospital and walk in to my office, took my stethoscope and some other things then a nurse walk in

“You welcome sir” the nurse walk in

“Where is the patient and what is her state right now” I asked going through some files

“She’s in the ward sir, we’ve tried all possible best to bring the baby out but it’s not working and she’s getting weak, so I think the best thing right now is ceaseran” the nurse said

“Move her to the theatre, and get everything ready, I will be there soon” I said

“Okay sir” the nurse said and left

I stood up and walk into the operation room, I operate on her and bring the baby out, I closed her and do the necessary thing

“Done” I said to the nurse and walk out, I got myself cleaned up and took my key and drive home

Soon I got home and walk in

“You welcome sir” princess said but I ignore her and made my way to my room then I turned

“What is it you wanna tell me” I asked

“Oh….. it’s about her” she said pointing to Jenny’s pics, is she trying to fool me or what

“And what about her” I asked trying to keep my temper

“She said she missed you and….” She said then I stopped her

“Just shush your mouth….you good for nothing, do you even know her, or what sort of rubbish is this” I yelled

“But trust me I….” I didn’t let her finish her word when I slapped her….she fell down with her face buried to the floor

“Next time, you don’t joke with people’s feeling, am trying all possible best to forget her but instead, you’re making things worse for me” I said angrily

She stood up with tears on her face but I was shocked…..her hair which is always packed was unpacked and her hair reached her knee and that shows her true face… I remember her

“What…..was that…..your hair…..” I stammered

“Oh” she said and quickly ran in to her room, why is it that long, oh no…..I don’t think it’s her hair, I guess she fixed it

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How will princess deny this

Will Mike still believe she is a human

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