EPISODES 10 11 12
Episode 10

Dad and two helfty armed men
came down
Bisola: (not panicing)what do we
Me:i just dont know…yomi shot
twice into
the air and ordered us to come
road safty that were chasing me
had parked
their car by this time and took to
their heels
Yomi:come down now…he
again.i looked at his eyes and
saw anger
and enemity through them,i
reversed forcing him to jump for
turned back,roughly driving
through our
tied street as they shot at
me,when i was
out of sight,i followed the next
busting out to the main road
Bisola:where are we driving to
Me:tolu’s place
Bisola:no don’t,you would be
getting him
into danger because if dad finds
would kill him…well thats
true,tolu is a family
friend and dad knows him pretty
Me:yea you are right there.(just
then i
remembered something)o
God,we left a
disk in the car,the one i gave you
to hide
under the car seat
Bisola:no it with me
Me:thank now we would
be lodging
in a hotel
Bisola:how do we get money for
Me:don’t worry,i am the next of
king to
mum’s secret account,she has
about 13
million in there
Bisola:wow,what about your
Me:dad freezed it already and
even yours
Bisola:that’s his business,i have
not more
than 20k in my account.
Me:but bisola you f—-d up big
Bisola:am sorry
Me:you almost got us killed.
We got to House Of Peace
Hotel,drove in,it
was then is noticed the two
bullet wounds
on the car and realized i had lost
my shade
and cap.i smiled as we entered
to the receiptionist and booked a
for each day,we entered 104 and
Everything died down till after 2
was taking a stroll with bisola
when we
noticed two men trailing us
Bisola:those men are following
Me: (turned back and saw they,i
faced my front)s–t…we
increased our steps
and they did same,we started
running and
they chased us,we ran till we saw
group in our front,no way of
escape for us
again,we had been caught
1st man:you can run but you
cant hide
Me: (bravely)i wasnt running
2nd man:today you die and make
father happy
Me: (bisola was holding me
take me and let go of my kid
sister please
1st man:hahaha,the order was
for us to kill
you both…the 3rd man brought
out a pistol
pointing it at us.sudden heat
took over me,i
began to sweat,we were helpless
as we
faced the gun
Bisola: please dont kill us
Me: please dont do this,at lest let
my sister
4th man:you killed two of our
men,you must
Me: please,it wasnt my
fault…paah! paah!!
paah!!! paah!!!!,she had been
had been eyes opened
wide as i
watch her.
Episode 11
I opened my eyes wide as i
bisola,expecting her to fall and
die,she had
just been shot four good times
but to my
uppermost surprise she was still
standing,the bullets hit her and
fell to the
ground,not even leaving a pain
on her,i
opened my mouth wide,the guy
that shot
her got his mouth opened in
Me: (in a shocker)BISOLAAA…then
the four of
then pointed their guns at us
and began
shooting like they do in a war
movie,i just
held bisola tight covering her
with both my
hands and body while she used
her both
hands to block her ear in fear,by
the time
they stopped shooting,i opened
my eyes
which had long being closed in
fear,i looked
at the men and they were just
staring at us
1st man:mask,e no enter o
Mask:taaah,e go enter and
penetrate join
self(he picked sand from the
little in his gun and then poured
remaining ones at us)oya make
una fire…he
joined them and they opened
another fire
on us,they had shot at us for
about 40
seconds then stop
Mask:guys make we commot
here before
kelebe kom here,e no go be gud
news…a car
drove in from no where and they
then zoomed off,still standing,i
looked down
and saw that it had been covered
bullets,u know,i thought i was
dead,i looked
around the lonely road,it was still
as silent as
a grave yard
Bisola: Chidi,what just
happened…i looked at
her(see jamb question)
Me:na me just happened com’on
lets leave
here at once,delay might be
both hurried out of the
place,back to the
hotel room
Bisola:chidi i think it high time
we go to the
Me:to do what again
Bisola:report the incident na,God
just saved
us today,who knows what would
Me:bisi,nothing would
happen,the police is
really out of this,don’t you know
that daddy
pays the police every month
about 2.5
million,just dont worry,God
would keep
protecting us
Bisola:chidi i have said my own
help those who help theirself
Me:come bisola,am your elder
to address me with respect and
thank God
you know heaven help those
who help their
Bisola:am sorry sir but lets carry
Bolu,he is a
soldier and can help
Me:woa woa woaw,this idea
never flashed
my mind,lets call the soldier.
Episode 12
I was boiling with happiness as i
through my cnntacts the name
Bolu,yea i
found it,i hit the call button
creating a
connection between me and
Bolu,i finally
succeeded in passing a call
Me:hello bolu
Bolu:hello chidi,how are you
Me:fine,how is work(i felt a pinch
bisola signaling me “who told u u
are when
there is war” i just ignored her)
Bolu:fine o,this one that u
remembered me
hope am safe
Me:bolu mum is dead
Bolu:what? When,how,what
did it happened(he asked me
feeling so
confuse)…i told him all that had
felt pity for me
Me: please i really need your help
kept silent)hello bolu
Bolu:chidi,it really not as if i don’t
want to
help but you are fully aware that
your dad
helped me get into the army and
had really
helped me alot before that
Me:what do you mean? Stop
beating around
the bush,be straight forward,are
helping me or not
Bolu:am sorry my hands are tied
in this
case,you know i would love to
help but not
in this
Me:my father helped u in the past
right but
not without my mum begging
him to help
you and if mum had not
introduced u to the
family dad wouldnt had even
known you
Bolu:i know all this chidi but you
dad has so many connections in
the army
with top army generals,it just last
year i
passed out of NDA,am just a
lieutenant and it is very easy for
your dad to
ask for my dismissal in the
army,see i am
very sure your dad won’t kill you
and your
sister bisola so dont worry
Me:your work is better than
human life? so
your answer is no right,that you
cant help
Bolu:am really sorry dear
Me:my mum would be
disappointed in
you.thanks…i ended the call
Bisola: (she heard everything
because the
phone was on speaker)what a
Me:yea,a wicked world
indeed…Bolu was not
related to my family in anyway,it
was my
mum who introduced bolu to
our family
after she picked him from under
the bridge
in lekki,he was one of those boys
that sleep
under the bridge,according to
mum 7 years
ago,mum car had spoilt and he
helped her
fix it,mum asked for his number
but he does
not even have a common
phone,mum was
surprised,mum asked after his
home and he
said he sleeps under the bridge
Mum: (feeling pity for him)oh so
what about
your parents
Bolu:they are late ma,they died
during my
ss1 and i was forced out of the
house by my
wicked uncle,since then the
bridge had
been my home…to cut the long
story short
mum brought him home,that day
i could
remember dad wasnt happy but
mum’s continuous pleads dad
accepted to
let him stay,later on he indicated
interest in
the military,mum accepted to
help but never
wanted him to go as a recruit
wanted him an army officer but
he had no
waec result so mum helped him
one,then the pleading with dad
who has
connection with top men in the
military to
help began but i can vividely
remember that
dad blantly refused,i was just 15
then and
my family was a happy one
then,mum went
on hunger strike just to see him
achieve is
dreams(her reason was that no
one knows
tomorrow,it might be her
tomorrow that seeks for help)
dad seeing
how serious mum loved the poor
accepted to help,that was how
he got into
NDA and passed out,that my
apple laptop,he
was the one that followed me to
get a
tracker on it,i cant just believe he
forgotten so soon how mum
him,now our only hope should
be the
police,lets give it a try…helpless
and rejected
i walked to the window and
guess what,i
saw those men drove into the
compound we were,oh my
God,what next??
To be Continued

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