Child abuse

A couple, Effiok and Nnenna Umo, did this to their 12 year old daughter, Mercy Umo.

Thankfully they’ve been arrested by Enugu State Police Command.

According to the police report, preliminary investigation showed that the couple are used to abusing and assaulting the child for little or no justifiable reasons by using objects, such as sticks, electric wires, heels of shoes and so on to mercilessly flog, hit and/or beat her up.

The incident that got them arrested happened on 10th July, 2020. At about 10.30pm, Nnenna, who is the girl’s stepmother, abused and assaulted her to the extent of inflicting her bodily harm on the excuse that she dozed off while slicing onions required for food being prepared that night.

This led their neighbours to report them to the Police through National Human Rights Commission.

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