1, If you like compare my post here to my life, is you that know. I’m just passing message.

2, I told my girlfriend to cook rice and beans ….but she cooked beans and rice…
I’m presently looking for someone who can understand English

3,. Until a man is financially
Stable, he is not happy
May GOD bless all our
Men that willing to be rich.

4, All this old men sending young girls a friend request, please are you looking for your grand daughter? Kindly go and face your kinsmen meeting in the village.

5, BOLDNESS is when you enter a football viewing center and remove the DSTV cord and shout brethren, I brought the word of God you….

6,. Men, men, She is in the kitchen fixing Dinner for you, you are in bed smiling and chatting with another girl and you think that the food will not chock you.

7, Please where can i get high quality husband material 100yards? I think i want to settle down.

8, Once you put “Mhiz” “Itz”or Mhizta before your name on Facebook, I already know your sense has reduced by half.

9, I am still wondering why Igbo men don’t sell suya, or could it be there is no gain in it?

10, What is the difference between cheating and masturbating.
Please I need answer ?

11, This weather please remember I am single ohh, I did not kill person, I am still single.

12, ,Be a patient gentleman. Even if she opens her legs for you, just smile and close it back, then tell her to wait until you marry her.💞
Be an Educator….

13, The different between men and boys.
Boys want Beauty…
Men want peace of mind.
An Elder wrote.

14, No girl or woman will choose six pack over six cars,
Stop going to the gym , please go to work.
Educative .

15, Do you really love me or you want to chop my money? This is coming from Emeka who is still owing Airtel 200 for two months now.

16, If money will kill women
What will kill men??? Answer please.

17, If only Nigerian guys
Can handle girls heart the way
They handle Betnaija’s slip,
Relationship would have been

18, Your prayers may not kill your enemies.
but your testimony will shock them to death before the end of this week .

19, Some ladies says that good guys don’t exist, they exist ooo,
just that you call them BROTHER …..

20, He toasted you, you did not accept him,
but whenever you see him you are calling him your love ,
what’s your problem Aunty witch?

21, EFCC boss was arrested over allegedly fraud.
Which way Nigeria??

22, If you believe that JESUS CHRIST is the light of the world.
Say, lord have mercy on me.

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