Hulk : “myself and Oscar we put our family needs first. We know we have a great talent to rule Europe, but we grew up poor and an opportunity to make a lot of money presented itself, so we can’t say no to money as we look back how poor our backgrounds are. Those who say we play for money, it’s fine. If i play in Europe and win Trophies while getting paid peanuts, who becomes more rich? Only the Club boss, and when you grow old He rejects you for a youngster forgetting everything you have done for him and you become bankrupt, the only thing will be left is how great you were. Here in China they fill our pockets because they care about life after football. The standard of football here is great more great players arrives here every season. The problem with people is that they celebrate European football and forget other continents knows how to kick the ball too, and they also have value despite not playing in Europe. Every season huge clubs with big history in Europe they also come knocking to my Agent begging for my services but when I compare their money to what I earn here is a big joke, they can’t afford me, and I also don’t want to be used to win Trophies while I will have no money after football. If you want me to come to Europe to win you Trophies, you must also dig deeper in your pocket to pay me. The Uefa Champions League medals won’t stop me from being bankrupt after football, Money first, Trophies next”


By Obaino style blog

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