Ukrainian aviation engineer has unveiled a ‘detachable cabin’ concept to save lives in a plane crash. This plane has a cabin that detaches from the cockpit when there is a case of emergency during flight.
The concept is that if there is any event of an emergency or malfunction that may lead to an accident, the pilots would push a button that would release the cabin, complete with passengers and cargo separating from the rest of the plane and gently float them down to safety with the help of attached parachutes.
Hmm, it seems the pilots are out of luck on this one, well there could probably be a means for them to survive too.
The detached cabin will land safely on the ground or water with the help of attached parachutes, boosters, and rubber tubes. On landing, rubber tubes thrust out to make sure that the passengers land smoothly on both land and water.
Tatarenko Vladimir Nikolaevich unveiled this wonderful, applaudable but questionable idea in a video he posted on Youtube showing how his detachable cabin idea would work during an aviation emergency. We will get to know why I called this idea questionable later on.
He said he has been working on this project for the last three years. According to Tatarenko, he said “Surviving a plane crash is possible. While aircraft engineers all over the world are trying to make planes safer, they can do nothing about the human factor. The existing technology of using Kevlar and carbon composites for the fuselage, wings, flaps, spoilers, ailerons, and tail will be used during the design. It allows to partially compensate for the weight of the parachute system.”
Well, this is quite an interesting idea but like I said before it is questionable.
Actually there is a lot of questions to ask. Yes it is true that the parachute would place the passengers safely on the ground and in the case of sea or ocean it would protrude inflatable tubes to help it float.
But then, what if it appears to land on someone’s house or building or probably hit a mountain while landing or a building maybe a skyscraper? Because the there is no control system to help give it direction and the pilots are clearly not there.
What if it doesn’t land on a flat surface or land as shown in the video?

What if it lands on someones vehicle or property?

What if it lands in the middle of the road? (though this one doesn’t really count because people would obviously see it coming but I bet it would cause traffic jam for the rest of the day).

What if it lands on top of a volcano?

It’s not like i’m being too pessimistic, its just simple environmental and further safety questions that should be put into consideration, that’s all

If this mans idea is looked into properly and critically it could be an end to plane crash fatality. Kudos to Tatarenko, He did a good job by bringing out this idea.

Leave a comment, let’s know your thought on this new development.

And please do well to share.

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