🧜🧜My mermaid🧜🧜

♥️♥️Chapter 9♥️♥️

💎💎Princess P.O.V💎💎

Oh no, am in a big mess, how do I explain to him that it’s my hair, I should have listen to Selena and cut it then now am in a big mess because of it

I walk around my room feeling very disturbed, I don’t even have a scissors here to cut it

Am afraid of going out or should I just make him forget it, oh no av promise never to use any of my power on him

If I want, I can make him love him but that not a true love so I don’t wanna use my power on him, I want him to love me form his heart and not by my power

I check my face where I got slapped and I have a scar on it, I don’t feel the pain but i feel it in my heart

What type of guy is he, raising his hand to beat a lady, how i wish I don’t love him, I would have teach him a lesson he will forever live to tell but love conquer everything.

I sat there in my room, till night, I was scared of going out when I heard a knock on my door, my heartbeat increase, I know it’s him

What do I tell him

What excuse do I give

Am very bad when it comes to lying

I stood up and open the door

“Ahmm….. sorry I slapped you …I don’t mean to do that” he said and I felt tears drop down my cheek, I really don’t know why am crying

“Oh… it’s okay” I said cleaning my tears

“Hope you didn’t get hurt” he asked trying to check my face which I quickly hide

“Yeah am fine” I said

“it time for dinner, I cooked already so join me” he said and left

Is he really a nice guy… getting confused, the same guy who almost beat me is here begging me…am confused

I walk to the dinning and sat down,the food has already been dished out so I took the spoon and started eating avoiding his eyes

I know he still want to ask me some questions but I don’t know why he is not asking

We finished eating, so I pack the plates and take them to the kitchen then I started washing

I continue washing the plate when I felt something touching my knee, I look back only to see Mike, he just loosed my hair

I got scared

“Why is it this long… I wanted to confirm if you fixed it before asking and now i see it’s your natural hair” he asked

“Ahm…. actually…..that was how I was born” I said

“Oh….and what were you doing at the beach then or were you not the lady who waved at me” he asked, oh I never knew he recognize me

“Me…..av never been to the beach before” I lied to him

“Well am not expecting the truth before…..I will get to the root of this matter” he said and left

Now am scared, what if he find out am a mermaid

I need to find a solution to all this… me mother, I said and packed my hair and roll it up, I need to get rid of this hair before I got exposed

I finished washing the plate, I cleaned everywhere and walk in to my room….I miss Selena and mother

❣️❣️Mike’s P.O.V❣️❣️

I know I really messed up today slapping her, I don’t know what pushed me to it but seriously I regret it

But something keeps telling me something is not right

Thinking of it, she behave strange,

She doesn’t know what a milk is

Doesn’t know how to cook

She don’t even know what a television is

Who on Earth will not know all this things even if she is damn poor

Her over long hair baffles me alot….and…..she is just too pretty…. irresistible….nice skin

No Mike, you shouldn’t be thinking of all this…. she’s your maid

I lay on my bed with different thought when I slept off

💥💥The next day💥💥

The sound of my phone ringing continuously woke me up

“Hello” I said with my eyes closed not checking who the caller is

“Accident…… what…… okay..on my way…” I quickly hang up the call

I rushed into the bathroom, bath and got dressed, I rushed out with my car key

“Good morning sir” I heard princess say

“Morning” I said and quickly rush to where I parked my car and made my way to the hospital

❣️❣️Princess P.O.V❣️❣️

I wonder what’s wrong with Mike, he look really disturbed

I walk to the kitchen and decide to cook some of the food he thought me

I started cooking it and soon I was done with the cooking, I think I tried, I dished out mine and eat

I took my bath, brush and cream my body, I spray some perfume which I saw in the room

I checked the wardrobe and saw a bumshot with an armless top, this is not mine but since I have nothing to wear, I put it on and it suit me

I roll down my hair….oh I missed this face of mine, I quickly roll it up and went to the sitting room

It’s been three hours since Mike left and he isn’t back yet, I hope all is well

I was tired of watching the TV so I decide to take a nap….

I was still sleeping when I heard Mike car horn,I can’t believe it was the same sound I was dancing to back then….oh poor me….. I quickly open the door and he came in looking dull and weak

“You welcome sir” I said then he nod and walk to his room…..what is happening

I feel worried

Later in the night, Mike walk out, I already cook another meal which I was serving when he walked out

He came to the dinning and sit, I dished out his food, I watch him eat

He look so sad but am scared to ask him any questions, he was done eating

“I ….. bought some stuff for you…. it’s in my car” he said and went back to his room

“Thank you sir” I said then walk to his car, I brought out the big bag and it was filled with clothes and shoes…

I took them to my room and I was about entering when I heard Mike talking to someone on phone

“Am really confused….you know I never failed in this field of mine but this everything I did proof abortive, I even invite some doctors but it’s not working….. and if I don’t save her, am sure I will be in a big mess, I might even loose my license as a doctor
Am fed up….. okay…. bye” he said

Loosing his license…..I feel worried about that, I wish I can help him but he won’t listen, I need to find a way, I need to help my prince charming, whoever the person is ….she must be alive

💥💥The next day 💥💥

I walk out of my room and knocked Mike’s door

“Come In” I heard him say then I open the door and walk in

“Good morning sir” I said to him

“Morning” he replied buttoning his shirt

“Ahmm….I just wanna say thank you for yesterday” I said

“It’s nothing” he said to me

“And, I observe you look dull yesterday, is there anything I should know or be of help” I asked

“There is nothing you should know and you can’t be of help okay” he said

“Oh” I said

“By the way, did you make that food yesterday” he asked

“Yes sir… it bad” I asked

“You really tried….you can leave now, I need to go to the hospital and I may come back late okay” he said

“Okay” I replied and walk out

It’s not working….. princess think of something……think….think

Sorry it’s coming late…..I gat my reasons

Who do you think the person is

Will princess be able to help

Do you think Mike will allow her or give her a chance

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