🧜🧜My mermaid🧜🧜

❣️❣️Chapter 10❣️❣️

💎💎Princess P.O.V💎💎

It’s been three days now since Mike has been moody, he wouldn’t talk to me nor listen to me

All he do is to go to work, come back late, eat if possible and sleep, am getting worried

I was sitting in the sitting room when he came in

“Welcome sir” I said but he didn’t reply, instead he sat down on the chair feeling depressed

“Are you okay” I asked him

“Yeah” he replied

“I prepared something, should I bring it” I asked

“I don’t have appetite, you can just keep it till tomorrow and microwave it’ he said

“Okay sir” I replied

“Sir can you please tell me what the problem is, a problem shared is half solved” I said

“Princess, telling you won’t solve anything” he replied

“But still tell me, what if I was your sister, won’t you tell me” I said

“Okay….I will tell you, like three to four days ago, one of our Governor daughter was just driving by and she was drunk
So unfortunately she had an accident right in front of our hospital and went into coma” he said

“Oh” I exclaimed

“Now what bother me more is that, her father said I must save her life because she had an accident in front of my hospital and failure to do that, I might loose my career, and the girl is not waking up….have tried all possible means, I invite other doctors but nothing is working out….am confused and worried” he said sadly

“I understand your pain and I know how you feel but Don’t worry, she will wake up” I said to him

“Princess you don’t know anything about this….if care is not taken, she might be in this coma for many years and later die….and her dad gave me maximum of two week, the first week is running to an end and their is no assurance she will be heal ” he said

“Seriously I understand you but don’t feel depressed about that….The man upstairs will surely help” I said

“The man upstairs” he asked

“Yeah….I mean God” I replied

“I hope so” he said and walk to his room, now I need to find a way to help my prince charming

🧜🧜The Queen’s P.O.V🧜🧜

Princess is getting late than I expected and am really worried

What if my daughter has been attacked

What if she has been turn to a slave

Oh no I can’t let this happen, I need to go find her but I don’t know which ocean she went to so how do I find her

Princess Please come back home…. Please

But still I need to go find her, I stood up and went to some ocean close by asking for my daughter but they all didn’t see her so where could she be

I think princess is really far away from me….. probably in the human world….no how will she get there when she don’t have the necklace…..let me go ask the ocean spirit

I was on my way going when i met a friend… Selena’s mother

“Queen it’s been a while….are you on your way to my house” she asked happily

“Oh…yeah…your house” i lied to her

“Oh I feel honored…let go” she said and we both went to her house….I will go visit the ocean spirit next time, I just don’t want anybody to know about this, I don’t want my princess to be punished

💥💥The Next day💥💥

💎💎Princess P.O.V💎💎

I watch Mike walk in to the sitting room

“Good morning” he said to me

“Good morning sir” I replied

“I was wondering, why did you ask for my name when you won’t stop calling me sir” he said then I smiled

“Just call me Mike and not sir” he said taking his car key

“Won’t you eat” I asked

“Oh…. okay I’ll” he said walking to the dinning, I dished out the food then he started eating

“You’ve really improve in your cooking aspect” he said

“Am a fast learner” I said

“I will buy you a recipe book….where you will know how to cook all types of food
…but can you read” he asked

“Of course” I replied

“That’s good” he said and continue eating

Soon he was done eating

“Am leaving” he said

“Can…..can we pray” I said to him

“Pray….do you know how to pray” he said

“Of course I do” I replied okay

“Alright…..I need prayer then he said

“If you don’t mind….can I hold your hand” I asked

“No prob” he said stretching his hand which I hold firmly

“Oh Lord…. whatever he lay his hand upon shall succeed…. guide him and protect him….Amen” I prayed

“Amen….thank you” he said and left

Of course I faked the prayer….I only put in some power of healing into his hands so he can be free from the Governor

❣️❣️Mike’s P.O.V❣️❣️

I got to my hospital and walk in

“Good morning sir” the nurse greeted

“Morning, how is the Governor’s daughter…any improvement yet” I asked

“No sir” the nurse answered

“Oh…. okay” I said and walk into my office…took my stethoscope and made my way to where the Governor daughter is

I got there and saw her still laying helplessly…. It’s almost two weeks….

she’s not even responding to any treatment so what’s the assurance of her getting up

I walk closer to her and touch her pulse and to my surprise she sneeze and open her eyes

“What…..what….. what’s happening” I exclaimed

“What am I doing here” she said sitting properly, she was Medically fit and strong like nothing has happen to her…what a miracle

“Are you okay” I asked checking her with my stethoscope and she was fine…like perfectly okay

“Am fine…where is dad” she said

“I will call him okay….just relax here” I said and walk out happily….oh… could it be that princess prayer is really working for me….or… am just confused

I walk back to the reception

“Call the Governor that her daughter is awake” I said to the nurse

“Oh… thank God” she said happily

Then I left there and went to other ward to see my patient

I got there and touched him

“How are you feeling now” I asked

“Wow….am fine….am perfectly okay” the man said and stood up jumping….this man has been on the sick bed for some week…what is happening

I went to another patient and also touched her….same thing…she got healed and that got me surprise

Every patient I touched get healed and am beginning to get afraid…what is really happening….is my hand carrying some healing power or what

I remembered Princess requested for my hand while praying..but she didn’t insert anything to it, she only prayed….so

I was still thinking about this when the Governor walk into my office

“Where is she” he asked

“In the ward sir” I replied

“Let’s go” he said then we walk to where her daughter was

“Dad” the girl exclaimed

“Oh my daughter” he said and hug her

“How are you feeling now” he asked

“Am perfectly okay” the lady answered

“What a miracle” he said

“Thank you doctor…am sorry for everything and I promise to compensate with something big” he said hugging me while I smile but deep down me
… everything looks surprising and I was somehow worried

“Dad…I like him” the Governor’s daughter said pointing at me

“Who…the doctor” her dad asked

“Yeah….he is cute” she replied

“I think I need to go now sir” I said and turn to leave

“No….no….you heard my daughter right…..she said she likes you” the Governor said

“Oh…. really” I said

“So will you date my daughter” he asked me

“Oh….am sorry sir ..I am married” I said

“And where is the ring” he asked

“Ahm…I don’t like wearing it because am a surgeon so my attention might be needed anytime” I answered

“We will talk about that later” the governor said

“Okay” I said and I saw his daughter winking at me while i shot her a deadly look and left

🧜🧜Princess P.O.V🧜🧜

I was watching a movie when Mike came in Happily…..of course I was expecting that

“Welcome I said”

“Guess what” he said

“What” I asked though I know what he wanted to say

“She got healed…..and every patient I touched got healed…. isn’t that awesome” he said

“Wow am happy for you” I said

“Yeah and you deserve a hug ….common” he said then I hug him….

We were still hugging when the door open and Mike’s mum walk in then we quickly unlock from the hug

“What …….Mike…..the maid…..this dirty thing” she said and slapped me……I fell to the floor while she slapped me again…..and my hair got loosed…..oh heaven

What will be Mike’s mum reaction after seeing her hair

Will princess be able to hide the hair from her

Will the queen find out princess is out of the ocean

What will she do if she later finds out

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