EPISODES 14 & 15
Episode 14
Me:sir that’s my only evidence
you just
Inspector Pius:search him and
bring his
phone to me…the policemen
me,finding just the marker in my
pocket and
some naira notes,my phone was
no where
to be found,i guess i must have
forgotten it
in the car ealier,thank God i
did,the video i
took the last time is in it and all
thanks to
God that i had duplicates of the
disk with
1st policeman: (hitting me hard
at my
back)my friend stand up before i
broke your
Me:sir am innocent o,please dont
do this to
me sir…the inspector’s phone
rang,i guess
its dad calling because he was
Inspector:yes sir we still have
him here sir ~
okay sir ~ no sir ~ we will get her
problem sir~sir i have distroyed
evidence sir,he has none
again,that was his
only sir~okay sir(he ended the
call and faced
me with red eyes)where is your
Inspector pius:are you
deaf,where is your
Me:she is dead,that was why i
had to come
here sir.
Inspector pius:take him
away…they took me
to a dark room where i was
tortured to tell
them where bisola was and if i
had another
evidence.i insisted that bisola is
dead and
prayed through pains for bisola
not to come
check what was keeping me
back at the
police station,just on my
trouser,my shirt
had been removed,they threw
my weak
body into cell,my prison in mates
just stood
staring at me,i had never been to
cell before
but here i am in the police cell
just because i
seeked help.i saw female
american films i watched about
females had their own prison
from that of the males but how
come here
its mixed,well what’s my
business self,i have
my own agony and cross to bear
so why
worry about having a female cell
my whole body gave me pain
due to the
beaten the policemen had given
struggled to get up from the
floor i was
lying in tears but fell back with
the rest
inmates eyes fixed on me
unmove,a dude
came closer to me,i couldnt see
his face
clearly as i was seeing double,i
knew he was
asking me something but i
couldnt hear nor
did i answer,i just stared at his
two figure i
was seeing.all my thinking was
bisola,how is she,have she been
caught or
killed,i struggled up shakenly,my
viberating on the floor which it
moved to the wall,dipped my
hands into my
trouser pockets and it was right
mean the marker,i brought it out
of my
pocket while others watched
me,i began to
write a short note on the wall
which reads
“my family was a happy home to
live but we
lived with two monsters,he was
my father
and he was my older brother.MY
WORST ENEMY” it wasn’t making
sense to me
though but i just wrote in
agony.i heard
some inmates say “eyah
sorry.God would
Policeman: (opening the cell and
calling on
me)hey come out,person wan
see you…i
sluggishly stood up and followed
policeman to the
counter,what,guess who is
here to see me,Bisola?,Tolu?
Bolu? No none
of them was it,it was my devil of
father,smiling at me
Me:what do you want,have you
come to
finally kill me (he just kept
smiling)talk to me
you monster of a father
Dad: officer,just release him to
me,i would
take care of him
policeman: ok sir,oyah you follow
commot for here
Me: officer please dont let me go
with this
man please
Officer: (pushing me out)you
wan die? You
wan make i kill you,comm’on
follow am…i
had no choice,i had to follow my
dead,oh so
this is how i finally die? God
please help me
To be Continued
Episode 15
I followed him like a senseless
goat waiting
to be slaughter
Officer:idiot,come back here
come write
statement before you go
Dad: oh leave that,it of no
need…that was
how i followed my dad,we got
out side but i
was surprise not to see his car
driver,that was unlike my
father,he dare not
go nowhere without his car,i
wanted to ask
him but of what use was it,it
even a good
opportunity to escape,no no
no,as in hell
no,it my opportunity to kill him
but i dont
want to kill him fast,i want a slow
death for
Dad: am not your father…i was
surprise,what! This is dad’s
physical look
but the voice i heard him speak
with now
wasnt his,yea it a familar voice
but not dad’s
voice,it my mum’s voice,how
possible is it.he
turned and looked at me,by now
we were
few distance away from the
police station
Dad:you dont need to escape
from me,your
father is evil and the time to reap
what he
sow is here staring him in the
Me: (in shock) how come you
speak of what
you real are in my mothers
possible is that?…he turned
facing his
side,then turned back to me and
nigeria’s Nepa he changed into a
mum for that matter,out of fear i
fell on the
ground,everything was
happening like it
was a nigeria home movie but
perturbed me most was the fact
passerbys where just staring at
me on the
ground there as the passed,i
don’t think any
of them was seeing what am
mum just stared at me smiling
Mum:do not be afraid,it is i your
mother,i am
restless because my killers are
still roaming
the street of lagos on disturb,you
children i would not leave in
drew closer to me lefting me
touched me,all the injuries and
pains in my
body disappear immediately)now
is sleeping in the car which you
left her,i
made her sleep,she was
disturbbed and
wanted to come looking for you
at the
station so i made her sleep,only
your touch
can wake her up,go now for
your father and
his men are now on their way to
the station
to take you and kill you,go
vanished.all my life,i never for
once believed
in the existance of ghost but my
mum had
made me believe,it happening
like a movie
you might say but it real,i came
back to
sanity and realized my mouth
had been
wide open all this while,i touched
my body
over and over again wether i
would feel
pain but for where,no pains
again,i looked
up to check if my mum’s ghost
was still
standing there as i could still
hear the echos
of Go,go,gooo and realized
passerbys had
gathered me,i break through the
crowd and
stopped a bike
Me:before eco bank
Bikeman:the two of you?
Me:who and who(i turned and
saw my mum
smiling,standing close to me)oh
sorry just
Bikeman: oga na #100 naira…i
just jumped
in and ordered him to move,he
drove off but
was running slow
Me:guy i no enter your okada for
you to
jog,abeg speed jawe
Bikeman:so make i die coz say i
carry you
Me: oya drop me make i come
ignored me but increased his
Bikeman:which person people
gather for
that place where i pick you
Me:me nor no o…he finally got
there,i paid
the bikeman and went to my car,i
met bisola
sleeping like my late mum had
said.i stood
wondering what my dad would
be doing to
the police by now,how he would
feel when
the police tells him “oga nor be u
just carry
am commot here now now,why
you dey ask
us where e dey”.
To be Continued

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