🧜🧜My mermaid🧜🧜

❣️❣️Chapter 11❣️❣️

💎💎Princess P.O.V💎💎

I lay on the floor afraid to stand up because of my hair

“But mum why” Mike said to her

“Tell me Mike, I remember I brought her here as a maid so why hugging her huh… even if you want a girlfriend so badly….she doesn’t worth it” his mum yelled

“It’s not what you think okay” Mike said then he bend down to lift me up, I guess he noticed my hair got loosed so he lift me up and faced me, backing his mum

“Sorry” he said and quickly roll my hair up then tie it….I can’t believe Mike saved me
His mum move to him and pushed me from him

“Go to your room princess” Mike said

“Oh so now call her princess huh” Mike’s mum said

“That’s her name mum” Mike yelled while I walk to my room

❣️❣️Mike’s P.OV❣️❣️

“Mum what has come over you huh, I remember you brought this girl to me yourself” I said

“And I didn’t bring her here so she can seduce you okay” mum said

“Mum she’s not seducing me, I was only hugging her just to appreciate what she did” I said

“And that’s how it start okay” she said

“Mum am not expecting this from you” I said to her

“Well am here to stay for two days” mum said

“Here….why” I asked

“So I can’t come to visit my son whenever I want…. because of that dirty thing right”

“Mum just stop all this okay” I said

“Whatever” she said then I stood up

“Going to where” mum asked

“It’s my house and I can go anywhere I want” I said and went to princess crying

I saw sitting on her bed with tears on her face

“Sorry princess…..I caused this” I said sitting best her

“I understand and am not angry” princess said

“I have talk to mum and she will Never do that again okay” I said to her

“Thanks” she said

“C’mmon stop crying” I said and i turned her her gaze to me, I raised her head so I could clean her tear’s, she smiled and my eye got attached to her lips….I try avoiding it but the next thing I saw was me kissing her….oh Mike

Then mum walk in

“What” mum yelled then I quickly unlock from the kiss

“It’s not what you think mum” I said and before I know it she dragged princess out to the sitting room

“Mum please stop” I yelled following her

“Now listen, I won’t let you seduce my son with this stinking body of yours now get out of this house” mum yelled at her

“She is my staff, you have no right to send her out, she work for me and not you” I yelled at mum

“And I brought her here so I can also send her out” she dragged princess out while she cried

“Leave and never come back” mum yelled at her locking the gate

“I tried following her but mum won’t allow

“Mum please leave……leave my house right now” I yelled angrily

“Oh so you’re chasing me out of your house because of that good for nothing huh” mum said

“Am sorry mum but just leave….I wanna be alone” I said to her

“Well I will leave… good bye” mum said and left

I sat down on the chair….. now where do I go in search of princess

I don’t know her from anywhere…. how do I know where she is

But why did I kissed her….. Mike you really fucked up

How will I even face her now…. maybe she might come back before night….I will wait for her

🧜🧜Princess P.O.V🧜🧜

I never knew Mike’s mom hated me that much, I thought she was kind but why did she do this to me

Now where do I go
But thinking of it, why did Mike kiss me, could it be that he is in love with me or what

I need to cool my head right now, I think I need to go back to where I came from and I may not even come back to this world… fed up

I would have disappear to the beach but there are many people watching…do I can’t do that, I will have to trekk

I trekked for some hours before getting to the beach

And now there are may people around here, I can’t transform in thier presence, I think I will have to wait till they all leave

Later in the night

I waited till night when everybody left, it was around 7-8:00 then, I dig a hole to keep the necklace

But am not even sure if I would come back to the human world so let me just go with the necklace

🤗🤗Mike’s P.O.V🤗🤗

It’s late and princess isn’t back yet, I need to go find her

I remember I was saw her at the beach even if she denied it so I entered into my car and drive to the beach

I got there and searched for her

Then I saw her from afar digging a hole….thank God I saw her

I walk towards her but I stopped when I saw her remove a necklace then to my surprise she turned into a mermaid…..enter the ocean and disappear

What……I can’t believe princess is a mermaid

The long hair…..nice skin….

No wonder she doesn’t know anything about this world….

So she actually gave me the power to heal the Governor’s daughter

So that mean she was serious about Jenny missing me

Oh no, I can’t believe my maid was a mermaid, so I have been with a mermaid all this while

No wonder she doesn’t get hurt, I remember when she had a cut while slicing onion…..the scar disappear

Like….I just kissed a mermaid…..oh no

I quickly enter into my car and drive back home…… everything looks surprising

💎💎Princess P.O.V💎💎

I got home and saw mother preparing to go somewhere, I quickly hide the necklace under my hair

“Mother” I said hugging her

“Princess….why are you doing this to me, you left without a goodbye” she said

“Am sorry mother” I said

“I was actually on my way to see the ocean spirit” she said

“Why” I asked curiously

“I thought you went to the human world so I wanted to confirm” she said

“You know I dare not ……am her to stay forever now so do not bother yourself anymore”. I said to her

“I miss you my baby” mother said

“I miss you too mother….I need to go rest now” I said

“Okay, I will ask the maid to bring you food” mother said to me

“Okay mother” I said and went to my room….the guards and the maid bow down and greeted me

I can’t believe a whole me went to become a maid just because of love… is crazy

I miss Mike…….I really miss him

The next day

Selena came to visit me, we hugged and I explain everything that happen to her

“The woman is really wicked” Selena said

“I thought she was a nice woman until now” I said

“So when are you planning to go back” Selena asked

“Go back…..I don’t think am going back” I answered

“Why ….you have to finish your work which you started” Selena said

“Selena am passing through a lot there” I said

“Don’t you love him again” she asked

“Of course I do” I answered

“Who … who…..go back to where huh” I heard mother ask

Oh am doomed

Do you think Princess will go back to the world

Will Mike allow her in

Will princess tell her mom everyth

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