Episode 10.
Months have passed and my peaceful home was gradually turning into a war zone.
This is not what I bargained for. Never thought things will turn out so bad between me and Ladi.
If someone has told me that Ladi will turn out to be heartless human being I wouldn’t have believe, such person would have become my worst enemy.
Things keep unfolding every day in that house. Every day come with new drama.
I don’t look for anyone’s trouble. I take care of my kids and focus on my business but Ladi and his new wife keep getting on my nerve.
I can’t cook and leave it for my children. Santi finishes the food and starve my kids before I return home. To avoid problem, I began to dish out food for my kids and for Ladi incase he is hungry but by the time I return from my shop in the evening both my children food and the one I left for Ladi is gone.
She uses my things with reckless abandon and spoils most of the home appliances I bought with my money. The other day, my daughter’s hair bead and some of her things got missing from her room and I know who was behind it.
My second son was beaten and I saw mark on his back and face and when I asked what he did to get such a horrifying wound, Santi told me that my boy disobeyed her and she has to discipline him.
The sad part is that Ladi was there when Santi was flogging my son and he did nothing to stop her.
I have shouted, fought and reported to Ladi to caution his new wife so that she can stay away from my things and also from my kids but I guess Ladi only has power when it comes to me.
He is always afraid to speak up to Santi.
He hardly buys fast food again, I guess his business was indeed going into drain.
Ladi was only left with one shop now and a small warehouse. Ladi was gradually going down.
He asked me for money to restore his business but my days of stupidity and love struck is over.
My children’s school fees, lesson fess, upkeep, feeding and many other things was all on me now. I don’t have money to bail Ladi out of his brokenness, not again.
My first son was in a boarding school now. I have to change his school due to the war at home so that he can concentrate in his studies. He was writing his final exams.
Last year he did not do so well academically and I assumed is because of all that have been going on at home. I have to put him in a boarding school until he finishes with his final exams
I’m done been stupid and helping Ladi to build while Santi tears it down. Even if I have the money, I will put it to other good use.
He has thought me how to be strong both emotionally and physically and I’m doing just fine.
Yesterday was another round of fight with Santi and Ladi.
It was a Saturday and I took my time to make food for me and my kids. Santi came to the kitchen twice pretending to be searching for something. I continued with what I was doing.
I bought a new deep fridge where I store food for me and my kids instead of cooking every day. I left the general two big fridges in the kitchen for her and Ladi.
I make sure that I always lock my own fridge after putting in things.
As usual, I dished food for my two kids at home and put some in a separate plate for Ladi who I sometimes feel pity for.
I stored the remaining food in my private fridge and locked it up with keys.
I went inside the bathroom to bath and after I was done I got dress and went to the kitchen to take my own food. I saw that the key that I used in locking the fridge has been broken. I opened the fridge and found out that the full plate of food was almost empty even my grilled chicken and fish was gone.
I went into rage. My second son told me that he saw Santi breaking the fridge key with a hammer and taking the food out.
Santi warned him not to say anything to me or he will get another round of beating from her when I’m not at home.
Ladi was home but said and did nothing.
I went inside the master bedroom where Ladi and I used to stay before but now is him and Santi that occupies the master bedroom while I stay in a room close to my kids.
I stormed the room and saw her eating and laughing with Ladi.
I went straight and threw the food on the ground before stepping on it.
Ladi raised a hand on me and strike me right in front of Santi. He tries to push me out of their room after slapping me but I was not going to be humiliated by him again.
I was no more the cool Miwa that was submissive and obeys his every command.
And in the same measure, I gave him double of the dose. I returned back the slap to him in a double standard.
He was shock. I even threaten to dig a knife to his heart if he dares raise his filthy hand to slap me next time.
I charged towards Santi who was already calling me names and running her wide mouth as usual. We had a satisfying fight and I was happy that Ladi was watching as it unfold.
The television in the master bedroom got broken in the process, Ladi was trying to separate the fight. The children were crying and screaming.
My second son kicked Santi hard and Ladi found it pleasing to beat up his own son. He flogged the boy with his belt. I have to leave Santi and rushed to rescue my son from his heartless father.
I took a glass jug, the first thing that my hand get to and broke it into pieces on Ladi’s head. He sustained an injury and was bleeding but I cared less.
I gave him and his new wife another warning that if they want war I’m so ready for them. Any of them that lays a hand on my children will get it hot from me.
Ladi was cursing and fussing, but I walked out of the room with my children.
I had few bruises on my arm which I sustained from the fight with Santi. I washed it off took my children out for a drive.
I was not in my right mind so I didn’t go far so that I will not angrily enter the express with my kids and cause an accident.
When I returned back in the night, I was a little calm but coming back to the house always makes me sad.
Salami has advised me to move out. She said I should rent an apartment and move out of my home.
I don’t know how to do that because I was so much used to this home I built with my husband. My home of almost fourteen years. Getting a new place is another unexpected expenses.
My younger sister who is a lawyer asked me to divorce Ladi because he is of no use to me again but i don’t know if I’m capable of divorcing my husband.
I’m still thinking over this whole thing and how sad a place I call home feels like.
Every day has its own drama, it got to a point I can’t bear it anymore. I can’t leave my children at home alone because my heart won’t be at rest. They are either punished by Ladi or his wife.
I have to start making enquiries on how to get a place.
Zoma was the cab I used to tour round until I came to a conclusion with a cool and fine apartment for me and my kids.
It was expensive and will affect my pocket greatly. I needed to pay for two years before moving in. Salami encouraged me to do so and even wanted to assist me with some money but I told her not to worry.
I believe both in my God and in myself. I will pull through all of this.
I paid for the apartment, I did not inform Ladi about it. After he left for work one day, Zoma helped me to call a pickup bus that came to pack me and my kids load.
Santi was also out of the house with her husband. I guess they both went to their businesses.
I and my children’s loads were transported to my new apartment. It was so painful during the whole packing and moving.
I cried half way during the packing because I never bargained for any of this. I never thought I will leave my husband or the home I built with my him to a rented apartment.
I was left with no choice. I don’t want to die and leave my kids behind, neither do I want to loose any of my children because of domestic violence or carelessness.
My peace of mind and the safety of my children was very paramount to me.
I was going into depression and insane while living in the same house with Danladi and Santi.
They both wanted to frustrate life out of me but with me moving far away from them, I will find my footing again and gradually life will again have meaning.
Autho: #Amahsheart#

Episode 11.
By Amah’s Heart.
I did not go to my shop for three weeks. My sales attendant were in charge and updated me on everything.
I also changed the children’s school to a nearby school in my new location and it was not as expensive as their previous school.
I needed to cut down expenses to be able to still care for myself and my kids.
Ladi was calling my phone but I did not pick up. He later sent me a message asking me why I will move out of the house with the kids without informing him.
I had to remind him that they were my kids too. I carried them in my womb and brought them fought in due time and with God’s help. He cease to be their father over two years ago. He has stop responding to their needs and even asked me to remove our fourth baby because his mistress was pregnant at same time with me. That alone hurt so deeply. It cut me like knife anytime I think I was so foolish to have listened to Ladi and did his bidding. Displeasing myself only to please him and later realize I have been taken for granted.
He made me the escape goat. And with that act of his alone he is not worthy to be called a father to my children.
He has watched my kids get beaten and punished by Santi whom he brought to live under the same roof with them without any pro information.
I told him to focus and mind his new family with Santi because he has lost every right as both a husband to me and a father to my kids.
Is been over two years he has stopped providing for my children or paying bills patterning to them.
When I decided that I was not going to ask him for anything again was after his several complains of not having money.
I sent every details of how he lost his right and I told him to keep his distance from me and my children if he knows what is good for him.
One of my senior staffs called to inform me that Ladi was at the shop four times during the three weeks that I was away in my new apartment, trying to figure my life out and to set the house in order.
After everything was properly set up I took few days rest before resuming back to my business.
If I have my way I would have relocated my shop to another location where Ladi does not know about because I wanted to cut him off totally from everything that concerns me and my children.
After a month he was back to the shop and met me.
“What do you want? Why are you coming and going from here as you like? What exactly do you want Ladi? I have moved out of the big house for you and your madam just to find peace and rest of mind, what are you still coming around here for?
I asked him angrily.
“You are still my wife and my children are under your care. Miwa, you don’t have any right to pack out with my children without informing me. You even changed their school because I have been to their formal school and I was told you withdraw them. Why will you do that? I never ask you to leave the house. All I wanted was for peace to reign. You needed to show good example to Santi and not make trouble with her all the time but instead of acting like the senior and submissive wife you decided to move out with my kids. You know my business have almost gone down and I needed money to make it to stand again but you did not care this time. You ignored me and cared only for yourself and the kids. I’m still your husband Miwa and you supposed to be a supportive and submissive wife to me and not the other way round.
I scuffed out as I try not to laugh out sarcastically.
“I was everything you mentioned and even more. A good, respectful, submissive, supportive, enduring and a loving wife to you but you took it all for granted. I became opposite of what I used to be and yet you are complaining again. What exactly do you really want? Until you ask and answer yourself this questions you will not find happiness Ladi.
He went on talking but I was done replying him and went about with my business.
Ladi later left. He came again after a week telling me he needed money.
I was so mad and insulted him.
I warned him never to come looking for me in my shop again. I even threaten to serve him a divorce paper which my sister was getting ready for me.
He was shock the moment I said that and I can see his confused and scared face.
I asked him to leave and never return to my shop again or he will hear from my lawyer soon.
Ladi left and I did not see or hear from him.
After several months passed, I later heard that his business was doing well and he was back to maintaining two big shops again. He bought a car for Santi and she was cruising the whole town with it.
I did not know how he got such huge amount to spend on all this expenses. I was surprise and kept wondering if he took a loan from the bank or used the big building as a collateral.
It was later that I discovered that Ladi sold our house and moved into a rented apartment with Santi.
What kind of senseless man is Danladi? I was very shock because it was unbelievable.
How can Ladi do such a thing? I confronted him and discovered it was really true.
Ladi actually sold our home. The home I joined hand with him to build. He was well settled and he began to lavish the money.
I wept silently and couldn’t hold back the fact that Ladi was indeed foolish.
He was living as a tenant with Santi in an apartment after buying her a car and stocking up his shop and hers.
Ladi did not even inform me about selling the house, he just went ahead and sold off everything and start spending the money for himself and Santi.
It was very painful but I got over it and continue to focus on my own business and children.

Episode 12.
My first son graduated and I was there with his siblings to cheer him up.
He proceed to the university and I put in my very best to see that he pays up all dues.
And within a short time he was off to the campus.
He was growing so fast and doing so well academically. I was so proud of him and all his siblings.
My second son was riding behind him as he also sat for his own exams and I know will be coming out with flying colours.
My daughter was mummy’s girl and did not cease to also make me proud in every area, both academy and at home.
She helps me out and takes care of the house in my absence.
She was also learning to be a good cook and a care giver.
Sometimes I don’t have to worry about coming home from the shop and start cooking because I know my daughter must have it covered.
My children gives me joy and makes me forget every sadness that their father caused me.
I expand my shop and even opened in another location because business was moving so well.
I thank God every day for giving me such a business idea that sustained me and my kids. If I have listened to Ladi initially, when we got married he wanted me to be a house wife. If I have listened to him and depend on him for every penny, I would have been biting my fingers and crying “had I know. I’m so grateful to God for making everything I lay my hands in to be a success.
Ladi surprising came around one weekend. I was home with my children when he came.
When my second son told me who was at the door and if he should open up for him or not.
I couldn’t believe it until I went there and saw him knocking at my door.
I opened the door and stepped out, without allowing him inside.
“How did you get my address and why are you here? I asked while facing him.
“I made my inquiries and trace you down to this place for over a month now. I did not come to make any trouble with you, I only came to check on how my children are doing. Is more than two years and I have not set my eyes on them. I’m still their father Miwa and I deserve to know how my kids are doing. You refused to give me address or even respond to my calls or messages. I had no choice than to figure it out. I know you must have heard that I sold the house. Yes, I actually did because you refused to loan me money to boost my dying business. I can’t watch my years of hard work to go down in drain. I needed to do something. Santi suggested long time ago that I should sell the house but that was my only remaining building after selling off the rest. I wanted to keep it for our children. But I was tempted and pushed so hard and I end up selling it off. It was out of the money that I used to restore my business and move to a smaller apartment with Santi and my daughter Zazi…
I was just staring at him as he speaks without a word.
If he was a little boy, I could have slapped the evil spirit out of him.
“Why are you telling me now after selling the house? Danladi, you have the mind to sell off the house we suffer to build? You did not even thought of informing me first, you just concluded with Santi and sold it off. You purchased a car for her and moved into a rented apartment to become a tenant and you think you are wise in your own eyes? I felt betrayed, disappointed and sad after learning that you foolishly sold off our sweat without common sense telling you that you are gradually descending to your fall. You suddenly remembered that you have children after two years of not setting your eyes on them. Ever since we moved out, you have not seen this children, your focus was on Santi and her daughter. Suddenly it dawn on you that you actually have children somewhere. My first son has graduated from secondary school and gained admission into the university and yet you don’t know anything about it. The second is writing his exams and very soon he will also be going to the university… just few years from now. My daughter is not left out. She is catching up with her brothers and all the whole expenses of this children was laid on my shoulder. Do you understand the load of abandoning me with three children? I don’t think you know. If not that you have become shameless, you wouldn’t dare show your wretched face here. Are you not the same person that said you wanted to give our three children the very best and that was the reason you don’t want a fourth child? You asked me to get rid of the baby who could have been pursuing her four to five years now just like Santi’s daughter. Having another family and keeping it all a secret was not enough, you decided to bring them into our home and turned the whole house into warfront and as if that was still not enough you later sold the house at your queen Santi’s command. Danladi, what you did to me…is unforgivable. But even if I managed to forgive you, I will never forget.
I left him standing outside, trying to give unreasonable explanation. I went back inside and lock my door.
He waited outside for a long time, calling my name and the kids name but none answered.
He later left.
Ladi came to my shop the following week raging.
“I know I wronged you but you can’t deny me my right to be with my children Miwa. I want to be back in their lives and I plead to you to let me. Stop poisoning their young mind or turning them against me. I’m still there father please. Back home, Santi is turning out worse than I bargained for. I can’t enjoy peace anymore and you are not even helping issue. Let me see my children and fill my mind with joy and yet you are denying me that privilege. Will you all be happy if I die? Every one of you is frustrating life out of me. Miwa, you used to be humble, submissive, and respectful. I never thought that you will ever change to be this hardened. Remember I opened this shop for you when the going was good and i….
I quickly interrupted him by pointing a finger to his face.
“I and my family made you the great man that you used to be. I will take you back to memory lane and show you what your wretched life looks like. I stepped in and change the luck for you and yes I was very loving, supportive, submissive and humble to you but that was the old me not this Miwa you are looking at. I worked side by side with you and opened your big plaza with over seven shops, and I did not want to be just a house wife like you suggested. I wanted to do business of my own and it was only normal that you used the money that we both made to get me a shop. Your seven shops has dropped to just two shops now. Everything put in your care is been mishandled. I have this big shops and has opened another branch. I rented my apartment, I changed my car, I paid my children’s school fees and I’m living fine. You were never useful to me right from onset, rather I was always your back bone and your saving grace. You always run to me whenever you have any problem, both business and anything at all and I will try to find a solution to it. I will give you my right eyes just to prove my love and royalty but I later found out that I was fooled. You don’t worth it. You deserve whatever you get and nobody will pity you. Just watch out…the main trouble has not started and you are crying, relax more is coming. As for my children…I’m not stopping you from seeing them. They don’t want to see you because you are both a useless husband and father. The only thing stopping me right now from divorcing is just one thing. I could have divorced you long time ago Ladi.
I turned back inside and after he stood for a while he left.
Ladi came twice to the house but I did not let him see the children. The third time, he had plaster on his fore head, bruises on his body. He said that Santi hit him during an argument with her heel shoe.
He was almost crying right in front of me and has to blink back tears severally and clear his voice just to keep it clear.
I felt pity for him and asked him to come inside for the first time.
He came inside the house and stood. I told him to go ahead and sit down.
My second son did not want to see him but I urged my boy to go ahead and greet his father. He later went with his sister.
I watch as the brightness returned back to Ladi’s face the moment he saw his two children. My first son was living in the campus and visits home once in a while, Ladi couldn’t see him.
Ladi was relieved and happy seeing how big the kids have grown.

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