Women love sex more than men 😏 that’s why God gave them period so they can rest💁‍♀🚶‍♂
Is the volume OK

Can a woman enjoy her life completely without a man💏

Some girls want school to resume so they can go back to their husbands house .
Single at home, married in school

Some ladies will leave the hairs on their armpits and shave their eye brows,what kind of farming system is that one please?.

*A cockroach’s last word to Me : Go ahead, kill me you coward.*
_You are just jealous I make your wife scream more than you do when I climb her_

The issue with dating a Man in “ABROAD” is that, you won’t know how many of you are waiting for him.

Anybody who easily believes lies about you without hearing your side of the story was already looking for a way to be against you.💯

Reason why she cheats is because, after just one round😏 you sleep like a dead corps in mortuary.

A bag of CEMENT is N2600
You spent N7000 on your girlfriend on weekly basis
The girl is just eating your mansion
Brother when would you get sense?

My sister! To date a guy with big D is not the problem😏 the problem is,if you break up🤔who’s going swim in the Lake he left you with.?

Do not keep stupid friends all in the name of “No one knows tomorrow”
They may not even allow you see that tomorrow

The best punishment for a cheating man is to reject his money.
Ladies I hope the volume is ok?

*Real boyfriend give half of his salary to his girlfriend and a real girlfriend rejects it. Hope I’m not drunk.*

If you finish your education in Nigeria without learning any handwork then you will understand while Nigeria anthem stop with so help me God…

Virgins only
I repeat virgins only
Which network are you using

Every woman once lost a good man because she listened to her miserable single lonely toxic ass. friend🙄

It’s peace of mind men are looking for not big breast or big yansh🤦
But if you still Get them…..
Rugged you!!

*Being Kissed By Your wife or Girl Whilst you Sleeping*
*means she wants to confirm*
*if you are really asleep so she can search your Phone .*
*Nothing like being romantic😕*,
Imagine thinking your Man is asleep and then you go through his phone,
then, you heard him say, when you’re done,
go and cry outside

So many women are now taking the responsibilities of men, and these men still make them feel like they are not doing enough. The average Nigerian girl has so much responsibilities these days. A lot of women are really suffering, but they don’t show it

Look at your room, is it well organised or you’re just waiting for a girl to promise you a visit before you arrange it.
Stop scrolling I am talking to you

Do women really like men that are

Some guys will leave a girl that love them.saying there re many fishes in the river and end up with crayfish

If you know you don’t have
Sweet me i sweet you
In your phone gather here
We have a meeting.

When a woman is HAPPY check her Life
An IGBO BOY is involved

Please stop sleeping naked,pity the angel 👼 that is watching over you.

I commented on post on Facebook you wil receive phone call that will change your life boom, my phone Ring I pick it , oh! is someone am owing

Some ladies really want to be faithful to their boyfriends 🤔but the economy isn’t allowing them

I know a lady who has been 29 yrs old for three years. Aunty are you afraid of 30? Or won’t you shift for other people to pass?

I’m selling relationship fertilizer
You meet today, next week will be wedding
DM me for price

Some says people who always post on Facebook are jobless. How about those reading the post and commenting?Are they job seekers or supervisors

Here is a mic 🎤 tell us when will you stop Masturbating

Guys don’t be cheap, not every girls deserve to see your dick.
Have some( DICKNITY) please

A long time ago,the person reading this post was a virgin.but now……..

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